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4 FIB refugee activists were arrested in eisenhüttenstadt

4 FIB refugee activists were arrested in eisenhüttenstadt

FIB-arrest4 activists of the brandenburger flüchtlingsinitiative were today arrested in eisenhüttenstadt (when they were travelling around for mobilisation for the 2nd of april) because they refused to show their passports during a racist police control at the station. basically they tried to argue with the police and to explain to them why they would refuse to show their passports, but in the end the situation escalated. one of the activists got even pepper-spray in his eyes. all of them were brought to the police-station. after about 8 hours at 11 p.m. they were released. they are now accused for having resisted and having injured 2 police officers.

fortunately one of the activists managed to call from the cell some poeple (before the police took his handy away). therefore about 10 people called the police (some of them several times) during the afternoon and the evening. of course we don't know whether it helped something. however, at least it showed the police that the whole procedure was monitored (a little bit) from outside.

in the next days one of the activists will give a more detailed report.


olaf (nolager/bremen)