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Call for further support: Join the Caravan Festival Network!

- "Die Leute hier sind fix und fertig" Karawane Festival - Delegation in Thüringer Flüchtlingslagern

- 'Ihre Erfahrungen in Leben und Tod sind Teil unseres Erbes', 05. Jun 2010
Fotos und Videos vom Karawanefestival 2010 in Jena - Mit politischer Kunst und Kultur gegen das tödliche EU-Grenzregime
Auf gibt es eine Artikelsammlung zum Karawane Festival 2010 - mit Berichten und Fotos. Ihr findet die ersten unter:

Karawane Erklärung zum Festival - "Vereint gegen koloniales Unrecht"

Call for further support: Join the Caravan Festival Network!

Our Solidarity is a practical action and transparent engagement to contribute!

The awareness of the oncoming Caravan Festival has created a viable network for the campaign to unite against all colonial injustice.

The festival as an initiative from The VOICE Refugee Forum with The Caravan-for the Rights of Refugees and Migrants, including antiracist activists, supporters and volunteers has generated strong engagement and ongoing activities in other cities outside Jena. These include Weimar, Apolda, Frankfurt, Bremen, Oldenburg, Hamburg, Berlin, Freiburg, Biberach, Mannheim, Nuremberg, Köln, Bochum, Wuppertal, Bielefeld, Halberstadt, Halle, Möhlau, Hanau, Brandenburg, Darmstadt and Karlsruhe amongst others. More cities are preparing and organising their mobilization to the festival with different events. Watch out and keep updated by visiting the following internet sites:,,

More than 3000 participants are expected for the 3-day event. Activists and performing artists from Belgium, Mali, Morocco, Austria, Holland and other countries will be taking part in the festival. Migrants and other antiracist activists intend to use this festival to present calls for actions within the network of the festival and possibly an International Tribunal on the situation of refugees and migrants in Germany in 2011.

Amidst the endless persecutions, injustice and worldwide corruption and exploitation of our countries by the so called powerful and civilized countries, we stand here on principles to fight and refuse the indignity meted on us. These so-called developed countries have institutionalized our deprivation and the denial of our rights by portraying us as enemies while they continue their brutality, discrimination, expose us to inhuman isolation camps, deportation, residenzpflicht, including the deprivation of the right to work or education and many more.

We shall continue to hold our grounds and fight irrespective of its costs. We remain in solidarity with each another to overcome our fear for freedom and the barbarism of the state.

We work to de-mask the pretence, ignorance and lies of our oppressors' agenda to control and dominate us in their global war through the militarization of the borders as well as their expansion to invade our countries and their refusing to honour the dignity of our physical presence as human beings here.

We refuse to accept their imposition of fear as a strategy to divide and oppress us with their unbridled greed and wanton destruction of our countries, our cultures and communities.

Solidarity is by doing!

Background of nationwide and international events in Germany – a short view on the history of the caravan.

The Caravan for the rights of refugees and migrants was founded in 1998. Starting from Bremen many refugee and migrants acitivists and organisations from various parts of Germany participated in a tour through 40 cities with the slogan „We have no vote but we have a voice“ to protest the racist elections campaign to the German Parliament. From various cities, we moved to converge at the venue of the 1999 G7-summit and staged our protest in Köln. We waged an international hunger strike campaign of solidarity and demonstrations for 16 days to say „We are here because your destroy our countries“ as we protested against deportation and exploitation of refugees here in Europe.

As The VOICE in Jena together with caravan activists, we realized the nationwide campaign to close the two largest former isolation camps in Tambach-Dietharz and Jena-Forst in the middle of the Thueringen forest and the famous campaigns to stop the deportation of activists of The Voice in 1998/99 as for example the deportation stop of Akubuo Chukwudi in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and others.

In 2000 we organized the first international congress of refugees under the title „Unite against deportation and social exclusion“ with hundreds of activists from Germany and abroad. Again, the slogan „We are here because you destroy our Countries“ gave the political direction of the event.

More than 3000 participants protested against residential obligation during the actiondays against Residenzpflicht in Berlin in 2001.

We continued with the second nationwide protest tour before the election in 2002 and strengthened our nationwide campaigns in the states, cities and towns of the caravan network.

More info and input are needed to support our struggles.

The war against refugees can only be overcome by uniting against colonial injustice of the migration control regime.

Migration control is the militarized power base policies and the politics of the colonial injustice in its heritage and continuity in Europe.

We are all vulnerable to the powers of this repression but the Caravan is enriched with the high optimism to reach us all for a better world of dignity in equality.

We will unite to promote the new order of solidarity from the base and beyond. We call on you to join us for mobilization and participation in the activities of the Festival.

We will appreciate that you contribute your support to realize the Caravan Festival in memory of the deaths and victims of the Fortress Europe.

We need urgent support for translation for the Festival: The summaries of our newsletters and calls in various languages could be published if you can volunteer to urgently translate our texts and speeches in English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Portuguese, Arabic, Italian, Kurdish and Persian before, during and after the festival.

The translated texts and links will be published with the existing links to the Festival multilingua section at and for update.

At the moment we regret that we are not able to provide translations for most information on the festival. You can contribute to mobilize to the festival with the information materials from the homepage: