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Short Report on 2011 and Donation Call for The VOICE Refugee Forum

Dear supporters,

We thank you for your regular and spontaneous support in this year.

With your contribution, the network and the self-organisation of the refugee communities in Thüringen, Baden-Württemberg and Sachsen-Anhalt could be broadened.

In Thüringen, The VOICE Refugee Forum together with Break Isolation Netzwerk organised almost weekly visits in lagers and regular regional and Thüringenwide meetings of refugees from different lagers. In the meantime, the refugee community has a good network and a wide supporters’ network.

The success of our campaign to make public the abuses in Gerstungen, Gangloffsömmern, Breitenworbis and Zella-Mehlis through the selforganization of refugees and solidarity in the Lager community has empowered many refugees and non-refugees. Through this campaign, our struggle has advanced to a higher level of awareness towards the closure of the isolation camps in Thüringen.

Public pressure on the authorities from the campaign was achieved through the refugee delegation meetings and visits, press and online media work together with rallies, demonstrations on the streets and with the nationwide support of the caravan for rights of refugees and migrants in Germany.

All of these activities were actively coordinated with Miloud L. Cherif from Zella-Mehlis and The VOICE Refugee Forum in Jena and the break isolation network in Thüringen.

In Baden-Württemberg the network of the refugee community was improved. Also here, the duty of mobilising refugees for self organisation is one of our major concerns.

The opening of The VOICE Refugee Forum – office in Stuttgart was an important basis for the development of our own infrastructure. To scandalize the corrupt collaboration of the Nigerian embassy with the German deportation regime and the struggle against deportations were major
topics of our work in Baden-Württemberg.

Embassy collaboration and the struggle against the isolation camp in Möhlau and for the dignity of the refugees there were also in the centre of the engagement of the VOICE in Sachsen-Anhalt.

The VOICE Forum Berlin has been engaged in rebuliding the Plataforma for the rights of refugees and migrants ( and the Caravan network in Berlin. Aktivists of the VOICE Berlin have been engaged in observing the refugees and migrants political developments in Berlin and nationwide, especially the developments of the apartheid Residenzpflicht law and the case of Oury Jalloh, the African Refugee murdered by the police in Dessau. The VOICE Berlin has also been involved this year in the coordinanation of resistanceof African activists nationwide and the strengthening of the network of the Black Community here in Germany.


Thank you!

We are happy that your contributions have helped us to maintain the infrastructural administration (office, regular meetings and networking, documentation and archiving), telecommunication, and mobility (car inThüringen and Bahncards)

We also thank the various activists and supporters of Break Isolation Network in Thüringen. Without their engagement, call for donations, soli-parties, concerts we would not have been able to organise all the regular meetings and visits to and from the refugee camps in the same way.

For the future we are preparing seminars for refugees and non refugees and exhibitions. We want to keep up the continuity of visits and delegations to the lagers and create more experimental space for refugees. In summer, there will be a 10 days break isolation camp around Thüringen isolation lagers. The program of the year will be published in February

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We still need your support

To continue and improve we still need your support – to keep up our regular level of meetings and delegations – to confront financial shortages concerning bigger conferences and demonstration for selforganisation of refugees – to cope with unpredictable cost for acute deportation threats by the authorities and for cases of racist criminalisation by residenzpflicht - against restriction of refugees movement in Germany – to cope with urgent issues of mobility of car repair and maintenance – to keep up our infrastructure of communication and rooms for our offices/activists in Berlin, Niedersachsen, Thüringen, Sachsen-Anhalt, Baden-Württemberg and to continue our nationwide networking and community development with activists also in Bayern, Brandenburg, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Bremen, Sachsen, Schleswig-Holstein...

Links: Information on the “Break Isolation Network” – Refugee Community Initiatives und Campaigns in Germany. >>

Donations can be made by single or regular transfer to the account of the Förderverein The VOICE e.V. Göttingen, Kontonummer: 127829, BLZ 260 500 01, if you wish also with certain destination (e.g. Öffentlichkeitsarbeit, Vernetzung, Mobilität/Auto, Baden-Württemberg).

If you prefer „Lastschriftverfahren“, please write an email to

Thank you in solidarity,

The VOICE Refugee Forum, Förderverein The VOICE e.V.