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PRESS release from the 7.3.2013 on Residenzpflicht - Obligatory Restriction of Movement for Refugees

Refugee Council in Erfurt

Refugee Council solidarity deals with by Erzwingungshaft threatened refugee residence obligation breach a refugee living in Meiningen is currently threatened by Erzwingungshaft because he has failed to fulfil the residence requirement.

"The Refugee Council Thüriongen e.V. declares its solidarity with the refugees threatened with deprivation of liberty and calls on the District Court of Meiningen to reject the request of the immigration authorities and to bring the full fundamental right to freedom of movement in its decision," Steffen Dittes said today Chairman of the Refugee Council Thuringia at Erfurt.

Reason is a violation of the residence requirement, that it prohibits refugees without permission of the immigration authorities about the district and adjoining districts, also only a short time to freely can move established in the year 2010. The fugitive a hazy fine balked because he rejects the residence requirement as a constraint of his fundamental right.

"The proceedings against the affected refugee, in which now threatens a deprivation of liberty, is further evidence of the inhumanity of this discriminatory system, if people who take their free movement throughout, must expect to be temporary detention orders taken. We are all provide support, that not now even the imprisonment following the restriction of the freedom of movement"so Dittes.

Currently the Refugee Council Thuringia e.V. runs a campaign "freedom of movement is a human right. Get rid of Residenzpflicht. "." Many individuals and organizations have joined the call for an end to the discriminatory restriction. On the 21.3.2013 - on the international day against racism – a day of action before the Landtag and the Erfurt anger takes place.

Information about the campaign: