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Final information for participating in Refugee Conference 2015 21st-23rd of August in Hannover

We hope that this will answer all your questions concerning the Refugee Conference in this weeks in Hannover!
Feel free to forward this circular mail!
If you have any questions, information or feedback, write a mail to !

Final information for everybody interested in participating in Refugee Conference 2015

1.) Questions to the participants and review of the situation
2.) Important information/ Preparation
3.) Timetable

1.) Please let us know, how many people are coming from your city, if possible, before 14.08.. In your announcement, please also let us know,
what kind of sleeping facilities you prefer (single-rooms or if a big room is possible too), if you bring kids with you (for the calculation
of the childcare needed) and what languages you can speak/understand.

Review of the situation concerning...
...translators: Up to now we have translators to arabic, to french, to portuguese, to farsi and to some other languages, each to english or german. If you can bring any translators of ourself, feel free!
...sleeping places: We can offer a limited number of single apartments for families/women and a larger number of group-facilities.
Nevertheless, if you have any contacts to people in Hannover, also ask them for possibilities to sleep. Please bring sleeping bags and camping mats with you!
...child care: Child care is organised by a qualified group of social workers and is available during all meeting-times. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be prepared at Kornstraße.

2.) Important information / Preparation
- Arrival is possible on friday starting at 14.00, we recommend to arrive before 18.00, as at 19.00 the first meeting will take place (see timetable below).
IMPORTANT: If you have any problems during your journey (e.g. with residential obligation (so called "Residenzpflicht"), racial profiling or other police controls), we have a lawyer to provide legal support. We
will soon send around an emergency number.
- On friday we plan to start the conference with an introduction of participants. If you want, please prepare a short introduction (app. 10 minutes) for your your group/city.
- We plan to arrange an info-point to collect information of all cities and organisations participating. If you have any info-material, flyers,... please bring them with you (maybe 100-200 copies).
- A large part of saturday´s program will be used for workshops. You can see the different topics planned in the timetable below. If you have any interest to plan, prepare and moderate a workshop for one topic, please let us know! The only topics that are already assigned are "Preventing
deportations" and "Women Space".

3.) Timetable
- Starting at 14.00: Arrival at Kornstraße possible / Registration at the Info-Point
- 18.00: Dinner
- 19.00: Presentation/introduction of the different groups - app. 21.00: Concert of S.P. Music, band of Refugee Protest Camp Hannover, and other musicians

- Starting at 8.30: Breakfast in UJZ Korn.
- 10.00-10.30: Presentation of the different groups (summary of friday for all newcomers)
- 10.30-11.15: Rex Osa (tbc) on „Refugee Rights“
- 11.15-12.00: „The Importance of Selforganisation of Refugee Women“ Introduction of different organisations: „The Crocodile - Refugee Women against FGM“, „Women in exile“,...
- 12.00-13.00: Sebastian Rose from „Flüchtlingsrat Niedersachsen“ on
„Legal conditions of Refugees (Dublin, right to stay,...) in the context of the new asyllaw“
- 13.00-14.00: Mona Balsters from „Refugee Bureau Kargah“ on „Problems and possibilities of refugees in their legal situation“
- 14.00-15.00: Lunchbreak
- 15.00-19.00: Workshop-Period //
Different topics of the workshops:
- Dublin (in the context of the new asyllaw-restrictions)
- deportations (Dublin and home country)
- situation in the home countries
- women space
- human beings or papers?: basis of existence of undocumented migrants in germany
- police violence (a.) Frontex, b.) police in germany
- (permission to) work: perspective of people during waiting period

- Starting at 8.30: Breakfast in UJZ Korn
- 10.00-14.00: Presentation to the plenum of the conclusions/strategies/results of the workshops (each max. 30 minutes)
- 14.00-15.00: Lunchbreak
- 15.00-app.17.00: Final Plenum: Summary, conclusion, feedback, how to go on.
- 17.00: Departure