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Who is putting up resistance? - Family Arsič again threatened by deportation

Who is putting up resistance
- Family Arsič again threatened by deportation
by Michael Stade

It may be possible, that Germany will be loosing it's democracy, it's basic order like in the decade of 1930 in times of the Weimar Republic in favor of the Nazi regime. This would be a special situation, in which the German constitution is granting a permission to its citizens to put up resistance, if the destruction of the democracy could not be stopped in other way.

How close we are near to the edge becomes clear, if we are analyzing, what was going on in the case of the Roma refugee family Arsič. There is a special commission of the Government called “Haertefall-Kommision”, which usually can enable a permission to stay if the court previously had rejected the appeal. But in case of family Arsič it rejected the appeal, making deportation inescapable.

What about a relation of such a case to the basic order of democracy? The development in this case is making obviously, that German politicians are no more than puppets depending on the fibers of a corrupt and criminal elite. It makes clear, that it is completely regardless, who will be elected by votes. Ordinary political engagement is further seeming no way to change anything in politics.

The government of Thuringia

Ten righteous people could spare a city from destruction. I must think about this biblical records in the year 2005, when I joined the circle of supporters in an case of church asylum. In this year the Kurdish family Soenmetz got the rejection of their asylum application after 12 years of waiting and should be deported now. Their children where going to school, they couldn't remember their home country and felt themselves true citizens of the city of Erfurt. Mr. Soenmetz was working in his job and there was no social welfare, but the officials forced his employer to fire him for deportation. It was a small group of supporters of this church asylum. We did not only donated for the needs of this family, which now was living inside the church for one and a half year, we also signed an declaration to guarantee payment in case the family will become a case of social welfare in future. But I was very surprised, that many of the supporters where members of the PDS party, they would become the party “Die Linke” later. The PDS party was the successor of the notorious SED party, which ruled eastern Germany in times to the Cold War. It was a strictly atheistic party and I felt unpleasant to work together with them, because I got to know, that I was seen in the GDR as someone, who should be preventive arrested in case of political problems because of my dissident opinion. But now I was afraid, ten righteous people would not come together to protect family Soenmetz from deportation without these members of the PDS party. I developed increasingly appreciation for the members of this party, which is now called “Die Linke”, today the ruling party in the government of Thuringia. I had to recognize, that all the people, which I learned to know from this party are people, who care about the suffering of others and are deeply committed to fairness, equity and justice.

I also learned to know our later prime minister Bodo Ramelow when he was speaking on demonstrations against Nazis. I highly appreciated him because he was an upright defender of the fundamental human rights according to the German constitution. He never accepted, when members of the ruling (in that time) CDU party addressed racist stereotypes in public, which fanned hatred against refugees and others, like they often did like the CSU party of today.

Family Arsič escaped murder and persecution

Mr. Arsič lost his father, when he was murdered during he was fishing and the officials rejected to investigate into this murder. His wife lost her brother, which was murdered by racist skinhead hooligans in the streets of the city of Belgrade. Mr. Arsič was a principal, but he lost his job, when he engaged himself for the rights of Roma children. Later he made an education to become a waiter, but it was never possible for him to get a job again. When he phoned to a restaurant, which was searching for a waiter and they promised him to get the job, when he was appearing himself and they looked at him and seeing he was a Gipsy, “sorry, but we had just employed another one”. So his wife was the only one, who was working until the very day, some guys tried to rape her. After this, she was also fired from her job. But because Mr. Arsič announced this crime to the police, the group of rapers (nobody knows, how they got the information) visited and threatened him massive at home. This was the reason, why they escaped to Germany and struggled for a permission to stay, even with the help of the media. But even in Germany they got threatened by the rapers via SMS on the cellphone. These criminals pledged to bring to the end, what they had begun (the raping) and they also addressed the issue, that Mr. Arsič was speaking in a video. Because they know about this video in German media it is clear, that they are intensive watching them and it is to be afraid, they would not stand still until they had done violence to them after return to Serbia, may be murder.

Struggle for permission to stay

In December 7th 2014, one year before, I wrote an open letter to prime minster Ramelow and others to cause him to do something for family Arsič. In the response to this letter from February 26th 2015 we got the suggestion to make an appeal to a special commission in the Government called “Haertefall-Kommision”. We did so and I was looking forward expecting success.

In the meantime Mr. Arsič found employment and now this family is living without any kind of social welfare since 4 month. Since 3 months the family is living in it's own flat they are paying for. Mr. Arsič also is paying for a training course for a driving license, because his Serbian license will not be accepted in Germany for ever. Also he is attending a language course for German. His wife has problems of apoplectic strokes and because of this she has a medical certificate not to be able to travel. All documents proving these facts where delivered to the “Haertefall-Kommision”. This family is an example of commendable integration and had moved already from the position taking welfare to the position paying into the social system. Now the German society had started to get benefit from these refugees instead of costs.

Complete incomprehension

What may be a reason to decide negative in this case? Why should the existence, which had built up this family very hardly, now be destroyed? Who will know no peace until he had destroyed any perspective for this family not to face racist assaults and bitter misery?
Is it because Serbia was declared as sure in contrast of the reports of human rights organizations? Because a Gipsy has to eat from waste dump and there should never be an example, that he is able to master a normal live? Is someone caring about the well-being of the racists, not to disturb their image of the world?

As a former member of the Greens, which are also part of the current government I'd learned to know a lot of politicians of Thuringia and I don't know anybody I would put it past him to insist in deporting family Arsič, not from the ruling parties. But even from the CDU party, which is now in opposition I'd learned to know many members, who tend to respect human rights and dignity.
Sometimes it seems to me, that the German state has only pricks of conscience concerning deportation, if the victim is a real criminal, like Metin Kaplan. For a complete half year the media reported permanently about the nearly unsolvable constraints to deport him. Many righteous Roma families got deported in the last weeks without any problem, fast and silent into the cold of the winter, into homelessness or unheated slums. Are the responsible thinking, the winter will not take place this year? Why they had refused to establish a stop of deportation during winter this year like in the years before?

Are we ruled already by the Mafia?

There is the question, who is it, who is insisting to destroy the existence of family Arsič in Germany. Who can not stand still, until any perspective for a live in human dignity is destroyed. And who, beyond this, has also the real power to enforce these crimes against the declared intention of the ruling politicians? I'm forced to fear the worst, that inside the officials Mafia members have access to the power, letting the politicians dancing to their tune. This idea makes me really fear. Which are the means, by which these criminals forces the politicians? Have they “shown their torture instruments” to them like in history to Galileo Galilei? How to imagine such “torture instruments” of today? May be, by implementing child pornographic materials via “Federal Trojan” into a computer of an stubborn politician together with faking some money transactions to bring him in front of a court, charging him with undeniable proves, let him share the fate of Sebastian Edathy or more worse?

Should it be true, that our government is occupied by criminals - what is their motivation? Who is getting benefit from (what is the outcome of deportation policy) if refugees are massive pressured into illegality? I can remember a TV documentation about the Mafia of Italy, which is unbelievable growing in Germany, using the system of hired-out workers. It was reported, that renowned German companies contracted new created mailbox firms by deception, which offered workers without paying social duty for them and than disappeared without a trace. The loss for social security funds were an issue, but the report failed to pick out the theme of the workers, which got provided by faked documents to drudge for starvation wages without access to medical aid and which got deported in case of detection by the police. Are our officials corrupted by such Mafia organizations? Are there some others getting benefit by loan dumping caused by competition on the job market by such exploitation?

In case this would be true, we should expect, concerning the current refugee crisis, that deportation will grow like in the years of 1993. We should expect, that many refugees become rejected despite of well-reasoned asylum applications, like it is done already to the Roma refugees (further sure countries of origin are in discussion). Refugees will be kept under growing pressure of deportation, making them ill, mentally and physically, to press many of them into illegality to exploit them. In this case the mistreatment of refugees, like it is practiced since 30 years, is no longer the tragically outcome of an abortive compartmentalization policy, but a conscious political calculation to get profit from the misery of refugees and to divide the citizenship into Nazis and anti-Nazi resisters, so that this status is reproducing itself. All this would be to pull the strings behind the stage and continue to take profit forever.

How the development toward dictatorship and violence could be stopped and the constitutional state could be re-established?

I'm convinced, we need to investigate, who the officials are, that insisting in violating human dignity and to expel them consequently out of office – how it would be in spirit of the German Basic Law. And another issue: Constantly we get suggested, deportation would solve any problem, that it would be a mean to prevent refugees from coming. This is nothing else than an infamous lie. Even many of the Roma's, which were leaving Germany one year before “voluntary” for Serbia under inescapable pressure of deportation, people who had experienced the inhuman deportation machine, had escaped Serbia last Summer for Germany again, simply to save their lives from massive racist persecution.
Deportation is a very expensive mean for the tax payer to harm humans and take them their human dignity, nothing else! Even Hitler didn't succeed to deport the Jews out of Germany, deportation is simply unwindable, causing illegality, which is a magnet attracting all kinds of criminals. Also the practice to destroy refugees by deportation pressure, making them mentally and physically ill, will impact a heavy burden to our social system.
Only such form of help, which is making the refugees able to stand on their own, to build them a secure existence in short time, making them able to give back to the society would be a cost saving strategy.

We are demanding: Permission to stay for family Arsič!

Deportation of family Arsič would be a crime against human dignity and beyond this it would be an signal to other refugees, that it is completely useless to make efforts toward integration.
This deportation would be an obvious prove, that the chances to survive could be better on becoming a member of an crime organization than, like family Arsič, keeping themselves righteous and working extremely hard for integration.