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Refugee Community Meeting in Konradsreuth

Refugee Community Meeting in Konradsreuth

Topic 1: Presentation and Discussion of The VOICE Refugee Forum on The Political MOVEMENT- Appeal to Refugee Communities for Solidarity Network in Germany and Europe
-The self-organization and networking by the affected victims of the collective reppression is the community and it is also the weapon to self determination of refugees
For a life decided by our quest for a free society, equality and human dignity. Lets become the Ambassadors Of Our Community Networks.

Topic 2: African Survivors' Testimonies and Victims of Everyday Racism, Organized Crimes and Mafia Structures in Ukraine
- Documentation on Racism and Discrimination of Louis Oseloka Abutu, his family and his Struggle in the Nigeria Community against racism in Ukraine

Topic 3: Refugee Solidarity and Community Network
- Information on Asylum Rights and Education. Discussion with refugees from Pakistan, Syria, Chechnynia and Afghanistan
- Appeal for Refugee Community Network from Konradsreuth – Bayern

Date: Saturday, 5th of March, 2016.

Time: 5pm Place: Frauenhof 3, 95176, Konradsreuth / Hof – Bayern

Organized by Refugee Community in Konradsreuth.
Contact: Louis Abutu, Tel.: 0152-11640209