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Jena and Erfurt Announcements on Refugee Solidarity in Thueringen - March 2016

Erfurt and Jena Announcements on Refugee Solidarity in Thueringen:

The VOICE Refugee Forum meeting on the Caravan call for Community Exchange on Deportation and how our resistance can be organized, which will take place on Sunday on the 20th of March in Jena. We are inviting refugees to the discussion on refugee community campaign in Thueringen with Refugees from Apolda, Gotha and the Roma Community Erfurt.

CARAVAN for the rights of refugees and migrants: Community Exchange on Deportation and how resistance can be organized

Without the community of the oppressed, there cannot be real struggle

The refugee crisis in Europe is created by the European wars and colonisation that was empowered through the colonial heritage of divide and conquer policies. These neo-colonial power policies are enforced further to escalate the continuous distruction and abuses of the refugees here and in their home countries. Why now, why then?

We call on all activists and friends to power up, in solidarity with the refugee community in Thüringen

No refugee is criminal – Racism is the crime!!

The Meeting will start on Sunday at 4pm - 8pm, There will be light solidarity party in the evening.
Jena: Haus auf der Mauer, Internationales Centrum, Johannisplatz 26, 07743

There will also be a preparatory meeting on the discussion with refugees on Thursday next week, 17.03.2016, at 5 pm in The VOICE office in Jena.
Interested refugees are invited for active participation in the refugee
community network in Thueringen.

The Political MOVEMENT - Appeal to Refugee Communities for Solidarity Network in Germany and Europe: For a life decided by our quest for a free society, equality and human dignity.

Please confirm your participation soonest possible.
We keep the power up, in Solidarity

Information on Break Isolation Open Meeting in Thueringen

Roma community Thueringen on Information exchange on the struggle against deportation and Refingen Erfurt - Invitation to Break Deportation Meeting

Invitation to Roma community Thueringen meeting together with activists of The VOICE Refugee Forum and Break deportation activists in Thueringen on Refugee Community Solidarity in Thueringen.

Place on saturday the 12th of march at 5 p.m in ERFURT* (in the Radio FREI, Gotthardtstraße 21).

Treffen am 20.02.2016 in Jena: break deportation

This open meeting of Break Deportation event was initiated by Pekari Student activists Jena with The VOICE and Roma Community with the Support network in Erfurt.

Invitation / Einladung to the break deportation network meeting