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Witness of War Eliminated! Remember Francis Kwame - Remember all witnesses who were eliminated - Videos von Zeugen des Krieges

Witness of War Eliminated!
Remember Francis Kwame, who survived the NATO war in Lybia but died in Hamburg's street.
Remember all witnesses who were eliminated.
Zeugen des Krieges
Published on Mar 21, 2016

Endless War, Global War

War business runs world society
- generate arms production
- sell mass destruction
- buy reconstruction
over and over again

latest witness must die
tax rises high
for the upcoming War
deport next witness in concentration camp

as long as we think War is part
of human nature and divine will
arms production is a righteous necessity,
Endless War

The future is our past -presently
-nowhere to hide-


The 15th month of battle in Hamburg

Published on Jul 22, 2014

The ignorance atmosphere by the laws reached one after another in Hamburg.
First the senat, then the politicans, these days the media, and tomorrow, maybe everyone.
„Lampedusa" is more heard in projects, or in schools, by academics and artist, rather than of those whoe brought this name in the city.
What has to be heard is still kept in witnesses of NATO war export from eu to Libya, even these 15 months in Hamburg, of 3 years after the war, battling to stay alive.

Der 15. Monat des Kampfes in Hamburg

Die ignorante Atmosphäre per Gesetze erreichte einen nach dem anderen in Hamburg.
Erst den Senat, dann die Politiker, in diesen Tagen die Medien und morgen vielleicht jede und jeden.
„Lampedusa" wird mehr gehört in Projekten oder in Schulen, von Akademikern und Künstlern als von denen, die diesen Namen in die Stadt gebracht haben.
Das was gehört werden muss, ist immer noch bewahrt in den Zeugen des NATO-Kriegsexport von der EU nach Libyen, sogar diese 15 Monate in Hamburg von drei Jahren nach dem Krieg ums Überleben kämpfend.