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On the colonial character on racist police violence and deportation

On April 14, 2006 Dominique Kouamadio was shot by the police in Dortmund

On April 14, 2006 Dominique Kouamadio was shot by the police in Dortmund. The owner of Kiosk had called the police, because Dominique stood there with a knife. When the police car with three police officers arrived, the situation was according to observers calm.

Regardless of the situation one of the police fired two bullets immediately after each other. One hit Dominique in the leg, the other in the heart. The legal investigation against the police officer was closed by the state persecutor due to self-defence. The sister of Dominique pushed for a legal court case. She was intimidated. Her relationship with Dominique doubted. With suspicious arguments the legal case was rejected.

On April 14, 2016 Dominique’s death will repeat for the 10th time. On the tenth anniversairy of his death we want to remember all the victims of racist police brutality and at the same time denounce the reasons why people have to flee, what they experience here, and finally that a residence permit is no guarantee that you are not shot dead by the police.

Prior to the tenth anniversary of his death day, we want to meet in our location in Wuppertal and remember ays well other victims of racist police and state violence: Aamir Ageeb, Halim Dener, Zdravko Nikolov Dimitrov, Oury Jalloh, Laye Konde, Michael Paul Nwabuisi genannt John Achidi, Christy Omorodion Schwundeck, N'deye Mareame Sarr, Arumugasamy Subramaniam. We want to discuss and understand the colonial injustice that is inherent to all this crimes.

Sunday, April 10, 2016 at 15:00
Marienstraße 52, Wuppertal

In solidarity

Wuppertal office of the
CARAVAN fort he rights of refugees and migrants