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Be realist, look for the impossible! On Refugee-Migrant Political Community Meeting in Hamburg

First note refugee activist from Bremen on Refugee-Migrant Political Community Meeting in Hamburg, 18.08.2016.

Be realist, look for the impossible!

we, refugees and migrants as a part of oppressed people have a very strong desire for a world without war , discrimination , social exclusion, exploitation , colonialism, racisms , sexisms and ... we know by our experience that we can achieve this kind of free society for all of human beings through our solidarity and collective fight for freedom.

To unite, to have a collective fight we should communicate to each other to exchange our knowledge and experiences. Without knowing our problems, without deep understanding of the situation that we live under it , we can not really unite.

So the very first step is to build locally our gathering centers.
Refugees and migrants facing two kinds of inter related problems ; first the problems we are facing here in our new residence places, and second the problems concerning our homelands about our people , our friends and our families.
Nowadays most part of the areas we are coming from like Africa. Middle east, Near east ... are under the war between big imperialists powers and their marionette regimes from one side and religious fanatics like ISIS , Hezbullah , Bokoharam , Alshabab ... these are very closely through very function of the world imperialist capitalism related to each other.

Colonialism had destroyed our society by destroying our villages and our infrastructures, as a result of this they have produced a big number of poor people around the big cities .

They divide and deviate the resistance of this big number of poor people by initiating and supporting fanatic religious groups.
The dirty and criminal war between various forms of reactionary forces , created a big flood of migrations.

Refugees and migrants are the product of those wars.

Without knowing and understanding deeply that above mentioned situation , we may follow either the so-called " democracy " of big powers or fraud identity that fanatics want to make for us . siding with each of these historically rotten forces at the end would help both of them. We should have our distance from both of these forces. But the ideology of big powers also the obeying ideology of religious fanatics forces us to compete each other and fight against each other.
Against those reactionary forces, to build our free world and as a measure for our fight , we should support the movement of women against patriarchate.
The degree of freedom of women in any society shows the extend of freedom in that society.

Organized women is a big force to build our solidarity in refugee communities.
individually we are nothing , together we are everything.

lets unite and build a strong solidarity to build a new free world for all human race.


Refugee community meeting. 18.08.2016
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