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The Report and Overview of Refugees Internal Meeting in Lutherstadt Wittenberg

The Report and Overview of Refugees Internal Meeting in Lutherstadt Wittenberg on 16.09.2016

The general emphasis of refugee’s internal meeting on 16.09.2016 focuses on how the responsible authority in charge of refugee’s affairs treats them in the local government of Lutherstadt Wittenberg.

In that regards, refugees complained on hate and discrimination that are used by the responsible authorities to deny them their legal rights and the unfair application of laws i.e. the responsible authority envisages not only in denying refugees their legal rights but also in finding no solution to their problem. For example, refugees are forced to stay with “Duldung” for up to 17 years without working permit or resident permit and If these refugees apply for a working permit or resident permit, the responsible authority envisages to deny them their demand.

In addition to that example, a refugee that want to marry, the responsible authority envisages to deport that refugee. Other refugee that has a baby with a German is obliged to wait in a long time procedure.

Refugees complained that the responsible authority are over restrictive to all their application or demand. Because of that, their application or demand is only decided by the court. Despite that, the responsible authority persuades the court or the judge to reject their demand. Although, the responsible authority doesn’t have any alternative solution if their demand is rejected. For example, almost all application or demand that refugees are made on resident permit and working permits, etc. in Lutherstadt Wittenberg are envisaged to be rejected.

Refugees complained on the use of “Cooperation” as a pretext by the responsible authority to deny them their legal right. Even when they cooperated i.e. by presenting their official documents, etc. to the responsible authority. In that context, refugees indicate that the responsible authority shows no consideration or acceptance to their official documents but envisages only to deport refugees to where they will be killed. They use one argument or the other without evident or proof that contradicts the facts and reality.

For example, a Malian refugee explained that he was forced to deportation hearing in 2014 and after that hearing with the Malian delegation, he was issued a laissez-passer which the responsible authority showed him when he went to renew his “Duldung” and informed him that they are going to pick him at 13:00 in the afternoon of 16.09.2016.

Basing on these practices, refugees complained that these practices are applied to them intentionally either to destroy or deport to kill them. Refugees assume that the responsible authority in Wittenberg knew that and still persists on its restrictive and discriminatory practices without an alternative solution.

Refugees evidently proof the fact that the impact of these practices on them and their families does not only destroy their perspectives but also destroys their families and the world’s human resources.

In conclusion, refugees demand for an independent authority of tutelary to control the responsible authority in charge of refugee’s affair in Lutherstadt Wittenberg.

Refugees demand for a change in the administrative structure responsible for refugee’s affair in Lutherstadt Wittenberg.

Refugees denounce the practice of negative interpretation of law used to deny them working and resident permit and all forms of discriminatory practices.

We cannot be silent while you are destroying our lives and perspective. Therefore, registered manifestation, demonstration, and events are not excluded.

Solidarity and peace is our weapon! Protect all refugees!