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Hennigsdorf: they tried to deport her again! Brutalized as if the woman was a dangerous criminal

Hennigsdorf: they tried to deport her again!

On the 7th of September, around 4 o’clock in the morning, in a Heim in Hennigsdorf, a refugee woman was again compelled out of her room, violently pushed in to a police car and taken to the airport in one more forced deportation attempt. They didn’t succeed because the pilot refused to take in a woman in such a distress. They came as they do: in many, violently pushing, humiliating, handcuffing as if the woman was a dangerous criminal.

We, from the IWS, went to Hennigsdorf, to see her, after once again she resisted her deportation and what followed was a horror display of more violence against her and also against us, her friends.

We arrived in the Heim around 12h. She was nervous, weak, scared. Her arms were red and swollen. Her nightgown, clothes she was wearing when she was arrested, was full of blood, her back had red marks left by the police. We agreed she should see a doctor, go to the hospital. We then called the Ambulance. They came, but they didn’t seem interested in helping her. They were more worried about a mobile phone we used to film her, not them. One of the male nurses came to us and asked us to delete our footage, which we did immeditately in order to calm them down and give our friend the attention she needed. It was too late though. They decided to create a scence out of the short and meaningless discussion about the filming and opted for calling the police. Meanwhile the unfriendly faces of the Heim’s administration surrounded us. We didn’t know what was terrifying them the most: the fact that in our group there was not one German looking person and we were speaking in English, the fact that we could be from the press because one of us showed a press card or the obvious fact that none of us was the German white prototype of a human being. Maybe all of these together. In a few minutes four police cars arrived. To do what? Keine Ahnung, no idea. There was absolutely no need for creating such a fuss. There was the need to help a woman to go to the hospital. That was their main duty. That is why they were called..

The police asked us a few questions and left. We tried a last communication with the male nurses by asking them the address of the hospital they were finally taking our friend, but they refused to tell us. No problem, we knew Hennigsdorf doesn’t have many hospitals and went to the one they took her to.

So we ask ourselves: until when refugees will be treated like criminals, suspects? What leads people to disregard the needs of other human beings in such a way? Taking even their rights to be helped. Male nurses called the police against us because we were standing for our friend and we should learn that to do so is also considered a crime because refugees are not supposed to have friends. Why is the society in general so quiet about the abuse committed against people who came to Germany to seek for protection? The only answer we can find is Racism. It is because Racism still plays the biggest role and as Racism is an irrational feeling, the result cannot be other than violence.

Below you find Facts and Fiction.

Hennigsdorf: they tried to deport her again!