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Miloud L. Cherif court process against the German Federal Police in Dresden on Racial Profiling

Dresden, November 2nd 2016: Miloud L.Cheif, an activist of The VOICE Refugee Forum, against Federal Police on Racial Profiling

VWG Dresden set a date for the hearing concerning the racist control of the Police on a RE Train in September 7th 2014.

Wednesday, November, 02nd 2016, 09:00h , Room 05 Verwaltungsgericht Dresden, Hans-Oster-Straße 4, 01099 Dresden

Video: "It's Racism!" (filmed outside the court hearing of Miloud on the 28. Mai 2015)

Initially, the police wanted to harass me through a case of 'Beleidigung' and they lost on 25 May 2015 . Now it is our turn to put the pressure on them and send a signal that we will not accept to live with Racial Profiling.

Your presence and solidarity are important for me and for every one fighting this System. Please inform all those interested to come to Dresden on the November 02nd 2016. Also contact those living in and around Dresden about it so they can come.

My statement on the federal police's charges against me on racist control - Miloud Lahmar Cherif, The VOICE Refugee Forum

Video: "It's Racism!" (filmed outside the court hearing of Miloud on the 28. Mai 2015)

Report on the hearing of 28th May 2015 (published on May 30, 2015 in German)
On Thursday, 28th May 2015, a hearing against Miloud Lama Cheriff was to take place at the Amtsgericht Arnstadt on the charge of insult against police. For the time of the hearing security controls were ordered by judge Türpitz, visitors were searched for arms and similar things and had to show a document of identity. Policemen didn't have to do that. Obviously they did not expect in Arnstadt that that very hearing would develop into something special beyond daily routine.

Exactly 40 minutes had been planned for it. But because of security controls the hearing could not start before 10.50 h. Including the interruptions by a legal interlocution ('Rechtsgespräch') between the participants it ended at 13.10 h

Why did the hearing differ from the judge's previous estimation?
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More information and contact: Miloud L. Cherif, 0176 99334119