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African Solidarity Initiative Meeting in Erfurt / Fotos,Video and Press Reports on the Dessau Black Agenda

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Please see below the Updated internet links, photos and video reports on the Afircan Community Conference - Black Agenda in Dessau and the Initiatives in Memory of Oury Jalloh in Germany


“African Solidarity Initiative Meeting”, which will take place in Erfurt
- Justice and Dignity for Africans in Germany!

Discussions and Networking on “African Family Campaign” for African victims of Police Brutality in Germany:

Osaren Igbinoba - The VOICE Refugee Forum Jena and
Pastor Mike Sia – Africa Church Erfurt

- Linking of the local structures and communities

Discussion and reports of the activities of The VOICE Refugee Forum's network for an “African Family Campaign for African victims of Racist Police Brutality and Killings in Germany”” which was discussed and proposed during the African Community Conference on January 6, 2007 in Dessau.

It is proposed to discuss about the challenges and the political developments to strengthen the socio- political solidarity within the African Community and activists in Germany and to advance the empowerment in our struggle.
It is proposed to intensify the political struggle through political information exchange, meetings, conferences, protest, civil disobedience and self-defence of the community within the network.

At the end the WDR Film on the death of Oury Jalloh “Death in the Dessau Police Cell” will be shown.

Date: 22nd of February, 2007
Time: 18hour (6pm)
Place: Rosa Luxemburg Strasse 50, Erfurt.

Co-ordination Contact: The VOICE Refugee Forum, Jena. E-mail:, Office Tel.: 03641- 665214, Mobil-Tel.: 0176 24568988.
Contact in Erfurt: 0361 - 6431535

There will discussions and information on our the regional political structures and Community Network in Germany:

1) The Court process in Dessau against the two policemen that were responsible for the mysterious death of Oury Jalloh from Sierra – Leone who was burned to death in Dessau Police Station on the 7th of January

The Court hearing will begin on the 27th to 30th of March 2007.

2) The 1st Memorial Anniversary on the 14th of April 2007 for Dominque Koumadio from Congo who was shot dead by a policeman in Dortmund on the 14th of April 2006.

3) Reports and Information about the African Conference Forum for the Community Network of African Black Community activists in Germany.

Eventually there will be Oury Jalloh WDR Film: Death in the Dessau Police Cell, 45mins.

Break the Silence!
We are calling on all Africans for Support and Solidarity against Racism
and Injustice!

Date: 22nd of February, 2007
Time: 18hour (6pm)
Place: Rosa Luxemburg Strasse 50, Erfurt.

Co-ordination Contact: The VOICE Refugee Forum, Jena. E-mail:, Office Tel.: 03641- 665214, Mobil-Tel.: 0176 24568988.
Contact in Erfurt: 0361 - 6431535
Updated internet links, photos and video reports on the Afircan Community Black Agenda in Dessau and Initiatives in Memory of Oury Jalloh

Die afrikanische Gemeinschaft in Deutschland formiert sich gegen Polizeigewalt

The Oury jalloh demonstration in Dessau on 07/January/2007

The demonstration took place in Dessau in East Germany. About 250 people of various nationalities and from different states assembled in front of the main train station in the centre of Dessau at 13 Hrs. To commemorate the death of Oury jalloh, a 21 year old Sierra Leon who burned to death in a police cell in Dessau while tied at his hands and feet.

The demonstration opened with an address of Oury Jalloh’s last days. The Cameroonian – Cornelius Yufanyi, the press speaker of The African Community Confernce in Dessau said that “We are all Oury Jalloh!”, each one of us should bless themselves for surviving police brutality this long. We should not look at Oury jalloh as a one African man who died fighting for his rights, rather an African person whose country is still being destroyed by the developed nations, which is symbolic to the whole African continent.

We should not give up the fight for justice for hate crimes like this racist murder of Oury Jalloh. The police are killing us and are getting away unpunished. He asked each one of us to take a good look at the assembly of people gathered “here today in Dessau”, that this is representation of the realism to police brutality in Germany.

He reminded us to remember our departed fellow Africans Dominique Kouamadio in Dortmund, Laye-Alama Conde in Bremen, John Achidi in Hamburg, N’deye mareame Sarr in Ashaffenburg, Amir Ageeb in München, Kola Bankole in Frankfurt, Alberto Adriano in Dessau and Amadeo Antoneo. Who met their brutal racist deaths here in Germany.

He said we shall repeat this every year, and we shall not get tired until justice is realised, until the police perpetrators are all accounted for their hate crimes.

We sung along the Anti Appartheid - National Anthem of the South African ANC to Jalloh, sadness gripped each one of us especially at the end of the Anthem when the name Jalloh was mentioned in the song. We observed a one minute silence for one of our own. We trekked the city reciting slogans of hate and racist crimes especially to the police officers in Dessau, who gazed back at us with gloom and unashamed faces. We noticed though that the police kept their distance, a 200 metre distance ahead of us during the march - trek.

We paid our respect to the spot where Alberto Adriano was murdered in the year 2000 by the Nazis in the centre of the city of Dessau. The stone of commemoration was built at this very spot, following heavy demands and protests of the black community in East Germany. We salute the black community for that battle and for braving the domination of the white man towards the black man. This is an unbelievable achievement and indeed just the beginning for us to witness a city in the East of Germany or anywhere in Germany for that matter, bending down in acceptance to their ferocious crimes towards humanity, however, this is not enough.

So, we continued in the streets in the centre of Dessau, the natives in Dessau had miserable gloom expressions on their faces, and the city was in a sombre mood as we approached the police station in Dessau. The exact spot where Oury Jalloh was burned to death. We observed another minute silence, and thereafter all hell broke loose as people sang and shouted out the murder slogans once more. “Oury Jalloh was murdered by the police” “it was murder” “it was police murder”, we spent a good 45 minutes at the front steps of the police station in Dessau our voices raised, singing, over and over again pondering the pain and the torture of Oury Jalloh’s last hours. Burning to his death like he was alone in this world, we pictured his grief and agony burning to ashes when the police were right there enjoying this barbaric attack on humanity.

The assembly was addressed by people of different nationalities who hold humanity and wisdom in the name of life existence to their hearts. People from Latin America sent their condolences and vowed to remain with us in solidarity for the reservation of human life, and to forever protest against this brutal attack on humanity. They reiterated that the police are to protect human life not to destroy, that we all come here with our dreams and different visions, with the illusions that we may one day return to our homeland still, with a better life. But Oury jalloh was deprived of this dream.

Another African speaker warned the police that this is just the beginning. He said the black man has no voice in the court of law, and that nothing in fairness is going to emerge from that court for Oury Jalloh. He reminded us that our court of justice is here on the streets. You touch one of us; you have touched all of us. He continued that even though nothing will bring Jalloh back to us, we shall never tire from fighting against this attack on humanity. That we must undress this instigated fear and intimidation from ourselves.

The demonstrators repeated the Anthem at these steps that Oury Jalloh saw last before entering the chambers of hell, the infernal that took his life.

We returned to the main train station in Dessau and closed the demonstration at 17Hrs.
Text written by Kiwanuaka Regina – Ugandan in Nurnberg
Demands of the Black Community in Germany
Africa Community Conference – Dessau, 6th January, 2007
Racist Police Killings and Criminalisation of Africans and Black in Germany
In memory of Oury JALLOH:
2nd Anniversary of his racist killing by white German police

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