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We can stop deportation! Free Yabre Omourou from the deportation prison!

Please find below the translation into Deutsch and French:

We can stop deportation! Free Yabre Omourou from the deportation prison!

We continue our campaign against the deportation to support and Free Yabre Oumorou from deportation!

“Deportation stopped - successful intervention for Mr Yabre Oumarou.
It is always a great achievement to stop a planned deportation. Now let's keep up the pressure with commitment and solidarity!”.... Caravan Munich

Dear activists against deportation,

Our support goes out to all people and communities that helped protest against the misuse of governmental power through deportation and the collaboration with private airlines.

We want to say thank you for all the support and solidarity that was expressed due to our protest-fax and telephone calls with Air-France at the Munich Airport to stop the acute deportation of Yabre Oumarou to Ouagadougou in Bukina-Faso.
The Air France deportation flight that was booked for the 26th of February refused to take Yabre Oumarou on board. He has been returned to Nuremberg deportation Prison from Munich.

The next step is to fight for Yabre’s immediate release from the Nuremberg
deportation prison. In addition we need a new solicitor. His previous solicitor from Bremen left him in a deportation prison in Nuremburg, He didn’t visit him and did not attend the hearing of the case in court.

We will look for a new Lawyer for his defence and will release information about his current situation. We will also keep on informing about his deportation threats. In due time we will send a new fax and a new press release to increase the pressure on the responsible foreigners registration office in Lingen.

Mr Oumarou loves his eleven year old daughter from who he would be separated without ever having committed a crime.

Also, in Bukina-Faso his trauma would continue. After having spent seven (7) months in prison in Germany and having to fear persecution because of the divorce from his separated German wife he will have to fear for his health and his life in Ouagadougou.

On 14th of July 2006 – seven months ago Mr Yabre Oumarou was arrested at a friend’s house.

Keep fighting against deportation!
We demand all rights to stay against deportation!!

We protest against the violation of the refugees’ and migrants’ rights in Germany by the threat of deportation. This alone is contradicting the logic of the protection by the basic human rights, which are consistently refused by court judgements. We appeal to the moral courage of the people, to the government and the society to guarantee us the freedom and the basic democratic values to give us security and a self-determined life.

Yabre Oumorou is only one of the few victims known to us, several thousands of refugees and migrants have fallen victim to the German machinery of deportation.

All this has lead in many cases to torments, suicides and homicides, death, isolation, exclusion, imprisonment, separations, criminalisation, disappearance and persecution, inclusive the arbitrary punishment by the restriction of freedom of movement for the migrants and refugees living in Germany, that reminds us of the Apartheid - Democracy.

Deportation is not humane! Deportation is violation of the human rights!
We have joined forces to fight against this and we will keep supporting the battles of migrants against deportation.

We are calling out for your support and participation in the caravan network for the rights of refugees and migrants. We are calling out to you to express political solidarity in the country-wide network and to strengthen international solidarity against deportations from Germany!

We can make a difference! We have successfully protested against the misuse of power from Hamburg to Munich. And the Caravan needs your continuous support to share the achievements from years of fighting against the governmental misuse of power and the inhumane treatment of refugees and migrants.

We can stop deportation!

Please inform us about what you can contribute towards the protest for the release of Yabre Oumarou from the deportation prison and other forthcoming protests.

Please donate to support the legal cost and protest actions.
Donation account: keyword - Yabre.
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Bank details: Acc.Nr.: 127 829, bank code: 260 500 01, Sparkasse Göttingen.

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The Caravan Munich:

We will stay in solidarity.

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Deutsch: Wir können Abschiebungen stoppen! Befreit Yabre Oumarou aus der Abschiebehaft!
Urgent Action! Stop the Air France Deportation Flight for Mr Yabre Oumarou
Stop Deportation / Fax Kampagne: Stoppt die Abschiebung von Yabre Oumarou
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