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Oury Jalloh Installation and Archives: refugee Black Box 2017

Oury Jalloh Installation Archives: refugee Black Box 2017

Refugee Solidarity in Dessau: Oury Jalloh was "Murdered twice in police cell no 5 and in the German court"

The VOICE Refugee Forum with activists of Refugee - Migrants Community meeting in Jena call to honor 12th anniversary of Oury Jalloh Memorial on 07.01.2017 in Dessau

Oury Jalloh was murdered twice: First in the Police Cell no. 5 by racist police brutality in Dessau and Second in the court by the colonial injustice of "Banana Republic" of the Germany.

Till now, 12 years after his death, the actual reasons and causes of Oury Jalloh's death has not been revealled or ignored, no police has openly claimed any responsibility of guilt in the death of oury jalloh who was brutalized by the police with brocken nose before he was burnt to death on 07.01.2005 in a police cell in Dessau.

The Community Make History - Oury Jalloh was murdered!

After a decade of progress made till now to remember the 12th year memorial day of Oury Jalloh's death police Cell on the 07.10.2017 in Dessau and also to remember the first initiated protest after his death by the African refugee community in Dessau in 2005 that has now become the international campaign in Germany against police brutality and against the european racist nationalism, the German injustice and the institutional racism.

We are all Oury Jalloh! He is in every one of us due to the circumstances that led to his misterious death as a refugee and as a black african in Germany - He was brutalized by the police and burnt to death in cold bood in the police cell no 5 in Dessau.

Our solidarity with the struggles of all the people who have participated in continuing the protest since 2005 till now have done more to strenghtenning the fight against the police brutalitity and against the colonial injustice of the racist judiciary institutions of Germany, and in Remembering Oury Jalloh as one of us in the refugee community beyond Dessau and the meditaranian sea borders.

„We remembered all other victims of police brutaliy in Germany. Brothers und Sisters N’deye Mareame Sarr , Halim Dener , Michael Paul Nwabuisi genannt John Achidi , Laye Konde , Zdravko Nikolov Dimitrov , Aamir Ageeb , Arumugasamy Subramaniam , Dominique Koumadio and more“

The Harder the repression against the activists' protest, the stronger the scandals and the protest: Spread that word - Oury Jalloh was murdered!

Even at a time when the racist nationalism and white supremist propaganda are in search for "clean and perfect place on their heavenly earth" racism and discremination is at its worst on a global rise in Europe and USA since after the world war II.

The VOICE Refugee Forum will present report on the miseries surrounding the deportation of oury jalloh that German authority used as pretence to interrupt and to avoid further investigation of his autopsy before returning oury Jalloh corpse to his familiy durring the planing of "Refugee Black Box - Solidarity Tribunal - Beyond the German court rooms“ by The Break deportation Campaign, which will took place in Jena on the 27-28.01.2016. -

Please make donation to engage with us for independent community and Join us for the grass root struggles of refugees and make the black box solidarity tribunal a reality in our Solidarity.

When Oury Jalloh died in the Dessau, the authority tried and wanted to hurriedly deport the corpse of Oury Jalloh to Conakry Genuine. The refugee community activists with The VOICE and Plataforma Berlin stopped the deportation of the corpse to re-investigate by independent autopsy in Frankfurt and discovered that oury jalloh sustained injuries with his broken noise from the brutality of the police before he was burnt to death in the police cell.

Despite the uncertainty of the state-terror of deportation regimes under the chains of refugee of deaths at the seas and at borders or transit in Europe. We are committed to holding justice and equality in dignity of human beings.

During the last meeting of the refugee - migrants community meeting on the 16-18. December in Jena, we, the refugee activists of The VOICE Refugee Forum called on behalf the refugees -migrants community and families of the victims to unite in honouring the resistance and struggles against police brutality and against crimes and death of refugees by the German injustice.

Lets build a movement with the grass roots struggles of the refugees-migrants.

The broken and corrupted system of the capitalist machines and the racist nationalism of the elites, the police and the politicians in Germany - Europe and beyond will not last forever. The refugee community is the global movements of the oppressed and exploited worldwide by direct and the indirect proxy wars of injustice around the world which the reach NATIONS from which they create their benefit with the blood of wars and exploitations in their hands.

Stop the destruction of refugees, stop destroying us here:

.... We are here because the refugee community homes and countries are destroyed by the weapons of political and economic expertise of the western NATIONS colonial interest, consumption of the refugees, their countries and their resources.

Refugee activists and delegates of refugee-migrants community with activists of The VOICE Refugee Forum - Community Network in Bavaria, Sachsen and Kiel will join with the Caravan for the Rights of Refugee and Migrants in Wuppertal and Hamburg.

Lets shake things up!

Fight the police criminality and brutality - Bring down the deportation regimes!
Stop the deportations!!!
The VOICE Refugee Forum