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The Refugee Black Box remembers the five dead refugees in Apolda in 2018

In 2018 there were 5 dead people because of ongoing racist violence in Apolda

„You survive war and the dying in the Mediterenean Sea and then you find your death in Apolda“

A young eritrean woman, Tsnaid, T., was chased to suicide. She took her baby Nahom with her in to death. Tsnaid, T. experienced, like many other people in the Lager Auf dem Angespanne 3, ongoing illegal razzias and deportations, during which the thuringian Landespolizei broke into every room in the Lager. This and the following isolation of her comunity through the authorities of the Landkreis chased her to death. The iraqi kurd Faraidun Salam Aziz was locked up illegaly in his room by security in the Lager in Lessingstraße allthough he was panicing in closed rooms. Shortly after he fall out of the window. Another person was chased to suicide by the circumstances in Apolda, and life saving measures were denied to another one. These are only the dead people of one year, and only those we know about!

ISOLATION: The dying happens behind a wall of silence and isolation. The police is not investigating. Whitnesses were threatened and intimidated. The media ist not researching. The civil society keeps silent. And the responsible politicians in Apolda and Thuringia are
ignoring the whole thing. For the predominant policy of deterrence adverse refugees and migrants these circumstances are convenient anyway.

December 2017: Demonstration in Apolda Already in december 2017 The Voice Refugee Forum had pointed out the racist violence in the Lager together with local refugees and demanded to stop immediately the attacks of the police, the isolation and the deportations.

But instead of ending this the answer was repression against (human rights)activists of the The Voice Refugee Forum. Dr. Magsud Aghayev got the order to stay away from one Lager in Apolda, which was enforced with police. Furthermore people who took part in the demonstration were intimidated by the local authorities and threatened with repression. In
addition people were and are still forced to go to their ambassies for proof of identity illegally in spite of unclosed asylum cases and have to hand over these proofs of identity to the Ausländerbehörde. Otherwise they are denied their existential right to work. The racist structures in Apolda, consisting of Ausländerbehörde, policy, Sozialamt, the operating companies of the Lager, security and police are working hand in hand.

The following political meetings in Apolda were observed by the police, while at the same time the cases of death were not examined by the responsible criminal investigation apartment in Jena and the realtives of the deceased persons wait unavailingly for clarification.

More information:
Refugee Black Box Evaluation Meeting will be held in Jena from April 5 to 7 2019

2018 gab es 5 Tote durch anhaltende rassistische Gewalt in Apolda

Flüchtlingslager: Bericht eines anonymen Zeugen über die Todesnacht von Faraidun Salam Aziz in Apolda

„hier ist es wie in einem großen Grab“ Zitat eines Geflüchteten in Apolda (english down)

Junge Frau tötet sich und ihr Baby: Wie es zur Flüchtlingstragödie in Eckolstädt kam

Zeitungsartikel: Demonstration gegen Abschiebung: Rund 50 Flüchtlinge ziehen durch Apolda

Erste Demonstration für die Einheit der Flüchlings-Community in Apolda

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