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Proposed program: 25 Years of “The VOICE” Refugee Forum

- Central Call: Invitation to the 25th anniversary of The VOICE Refugee Forum
- Start to donate now! 25 years of The VOICE Refugee Forum – A thousand times 25!!!!

Proposed program for preparatory events
1994 – 2019 - 25 Years of “The VOICE” Refugee Forum
Anniversary Events in Jena, 3. - 6. October 2019
RefugeeBlackBox Solidarity (Initiated in 2017)
Breaking the Culture of Deportation - Deportation is the last ring of the slavery chain

There will be topics

- Presentation and Review, reflection and testimony on the history of The VOICE - and the refugee struggles
- Autonomy and decentralization of the RefugeeBlackBox Installations
- Discussion, workshops, films, installations
- Exchange and documentation of the present situation of refugees
- Parade, gyration performance with rap and hip-hop, RefugeeBlackBox installation
- Live music and party with Marap (Hamburg) and Jamal Kamano aka. Konta (Berlin)

Breaking the Culture of Deportation - Deportation is the last ring of the slavery chain

Thursday, 3rd October 2019

From 12.00h arrival

14.00h Introduction

Thüringen refugee meetings and discussion in working groups with information exchange on refugees' situation and about the RefugeeBlackBox „gyration“ performance: „I have my names, my presence is dignity.“

18.00h Food

19:00h Presentation, review, reflection on the history of The VOICE Refugee Forum

Speakers: The VOICE Refugee Forum and Caravan for the rights of refugees and migrants with other Refugee activists, including guest activists

- The struggle against Deportation and Isolation
- Exile political activism
- The fight against Freedom of movement restriction and deportation prisons
- Oury-Jalloh-campaign and Police Brutality in Germany
- Community engagement: the autonomy of self-determination
- The struggle against family separation

Films on the struggle of the VOICE Refugee Forum and The Caravan for the rights of refugees and migrants

Friday, 4th October 2019

From 8.30h Breakfast

Morning (10.00h)
Plenary with the presentation of the results of the working group and testimony on The VOICE Refugee Forum engagements in Thueringen

Exchange and Documentation of the present situation of refugees in different areas and of different origin

Campaigns against deportations

Reflections on the general political situation

Information on the new laws

13.00h Food and Break

14:30h Workshops in different groups: Autonomy and decentralization

The autonomy of selforganization in determined locations.

Refugees and migrants' autonomy and decentralization strikes.

What we are doing in short and long term RBB Installations.
What protest is planned against the deportation regimes: Thueringen community empowerment in Gotha on self-organized RefugeeBlackBox community and RefugeeBlackBox installations in Berlin like protests at the Nigerian embassy and Gambia Consolate deportations, and in more cities and to more countries of refugees' protest in Germany?

18.00 h Food

19.00 Presentation of the results of the working groups

After: Films, Chatting, Music

Saturday, 5th of October 2019

From 8.30h Breakfast

10.00h Presentation and Discussions in groups:

The potentiality of RefugeeBlackBox activism manifested in networks for socio-political participation and political decentralization since 2017

Ideas on the decentralization of RefugeeBlackBox – 25. The VOICE Silver Jubilee in other cities.
- What we want and what could we reach with it.
- Logistics and Finance for the Anniversary events in Jena and other cities.
- Preparation of manifestation and RBB installation

13.00h: Food

14.00h: Presentation of RBB installation, speeches, music and gyration on Johannisplatz/Faulloch

16.00h: Parade with Mediterranean refugee boat installation in the city of Jena

18.00h: Food

19.00 Plenary: Evaluation: What have we reached? What are the next steps? - Coming events

21.00 FreeStyle Hip Hop by Guest activists. Marap and Jamal

Sunday, 6th of October 2019

From 8.30: Breakfast

10.00 – 12.00: Exchange on the way forward

Please inform us about your participation so that we can arrange sleeping places!
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For the success of our celebration and the continuity of our struggle!

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