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Statement of Solidarity to the Family and Friends of Oury Jalloh from MIGRANTE Europe in Amsterdam

Statement of Solidarity to the Family and Friends of Oury Jalloh from MIGRANTE Europe in Amsterdam

MIGRANTE Europe joins the family and friends of Oury Jalloh in seeking justice for his brutal death in the hands of the German police.

We express our strongest solidarity to our fellow migrants, refugees and advocates in Caravan, who have pursued justice for Oury Jalloh.

What happened to Oury Jalloh is not isolated. The brutality of the police and state fascism are being repeated in countless other similar cases involving migrants, refugees and the state forces in Europe.

Indeed, we must “break the silence” and let the peoples of Europe and beyond know what is happening inside “fortress” Europe. Racism, xenophobia, discrimination and “blacklisting” have become a common and regular practice of many European Union states and the media and politicians make it appear to be normal and thus acceptable.

Fundamental human rights are being trampled upon in the name of big business interests and the so-called war on terrorism. And its first victims are the migrants, refugees and peoples of color.

Indeed, it is up to us – migrants, refugees and peoples of color – to fight and resist, and to build a strong solidarity among the peoples of Europe against the further violations of our political, economic, civil, social and cultural rights.

We join our friends and fellow migrants and refugees in Germany in demanding justice for Oury Jalloh. While we demand that those responsible for his brutal death be punished, we also ask friends and advocates not only in Germany, but also in other European Union states, to oppose laws and other legal measures to further institutionalize racism, fascism, xenophobia, discrimination and the arbitrary “blacklisting” of anyone in
furtherance of the so-called war on terror.###

Long live international solidarity! Justice for Oury Jalloh!

23 April 2007
Amsterdam, The Netherlands