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UNITE AGAINST COLONIAL INJUSTICE - The Caravan Conference in Jena, 09. - 13.09.09

The Caravan Press Conference and Programm on Colonial Injustice in Germany



Caravan Platform on Colonial in Injustice with Pre-tribunal on Colonial Apartheid

The colonial apartheid and the double punishment of refugees and Migrants through criminalization and persecution in Germany

Coordinated by The VOICE Refugee Forum Deutschland

The Campaign against Residenzpflicht and deportation
Felix Otto (and others) and the Refugees in Apolda coordinated by The VOICE Jena / Caravan Hamburg

The Isolation of Refugees in lagers and heims and their struggles in the camps to be coordinated by the Caravan for the rights of refugees and migrants in Thueringia (Katzhütte, Gehlberg, Apolda and others) , NRW (Remschied - Wuppertal) and Sachsen Anhalt (Möhlau) and mobilisation in their Lagers Photo exhibitions and Films: The Caravan documentation project on the Isolation Lagers and Camps in Thueringia

The persecution and criminalization of the refugees and migrants in Germany and Europe

Discussions and Strategies

 Theme: We are here because you destroy our countries!
 We Set the Rules - Solidarity is our weapon!
 Discussion on alliances, support and working together in the caravan network and the German pro colonial projects on migration and integration
 What is the limit of the public interest and other alternatives?

Campaign and Protest

Land and Air protest against the deportation Airlines (Air France and others), deportation Flights and against the inhumane treatments and the brutality of the to be deported Asylum political prisoners by the German police, prison warders and social workers.

2009 Mumia Info: The Campaign and the struggle of Mumia Abu Jamal in the death row of the Pennsylvania prison in (USA) will be presented with information on the latest court decision.

Motivating Exhibitions of Refugee and Migrant Protest Actions

Photo Exhibition in Grünoskwi Spot
From the 6th to 21th September 2009 Open at 2pm everyday in Schillergäschen 5, Jena

Exhibition and information on Oury Jalloh in Günoskwi Entertainment: 5 Schillergäschen, Jena.
Photo Exhibition of Initiative Memory of Oury Jalloh from The Plataforma, The VOICE Berlin, Umbruch-Bildarchiv Berlin, Marco Pra and Thomas Kriska.
Music: African Beats, Acoustic und Percussions

Live Band Concert with Inouss Landozz from Togo/NRW. Writer, Singer, Componist and Percussionist.
Inousses Landozz is Aledjo KADARA in the north of Togo- born artist with a real name Bebou S. Inoussa, showed his great musical talent already at a very young age
Friday, September 11, 2009, at 9 pm. Grünowswki Garden Park - Schillergäschen, Jena

About 45 activists have confirmed their participation from the various cities of the Caravan network in Germany: Jena, Apolda, Reimscheid, Hamburg, Bremen, Wüppertal, Weimar, Halle-Saale, Marke, Nurmberg , Berlin.

Original background of participating activists: from Iran, Kurdistan, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Syria, Guinea, Cameroon, Palestine, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Turkey, Palestine, Israel, Sri Lanka and Poland.

Participants could inform us on their interest on discussion about any specific country and on the engagement of the activists. The Caravan Network Co organizing Activists and facilitators of the Conference:

From Bremen: Sunny Omwenyeke, Seid Seid ; from Berlin: Mbolo Yufuyi, Mai Zaidani; from Möhlau: Salomon Wantchoucou; from Marke / Dessau: Maman Salissou Oumarou; from Wuppertal: Araz Ardehali, from Frankfurt: Aitak Barani, from Jena: Osaren Igbinoba, Dr. Magsud Agaev, from Hamburg: Ralf Lorenzo, - Hamburg, from Göttingen: Tawfik Lbebidy; from Kiel: Selam Shanan, Gassen Lbebidy

The conference input text: On Colonial Injustice and the Continuity of Barbarity in Germany

All events begins daily at 10 am - 9 pm.
Discussions on the Campaign and the Pre-tribunal events will take place on September 10 to 12, 2009. - Eating and recreation session in Schillergäschen 5, at The VOICE Jena.

Please confirm your participation at:, Tel. 0049 (0) 176 24568988.

The Conference will take place in University of Jena (Old building)
Address: Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena, Fürstengraben 1, 07743 Jena


Call for people for translation on the congress
For the Congress it would be good to have some people how can and want to help with translation -- so that everybody can take part and understand. At the moment we are looking for this languages: russian, turkish, french, english, arabic, kurdisch, farsi. You can contact us if you can/want to do this...


If you need sleeping-places during the congress in Jena (Wednesday 9. – Sunday 13.September.) please let us know!

For this it is good to know early:
1) How many people you are (and who wants to stay together in one place)
2) Are there kids with you (how many/Age)
3) Do you need a special sleeping place (for example because of handicap problems)
4) From when to when do you need the sleeping place (arriving/leaving Jena)

Please, if you have sleeping bags and 'Iso-mats' bring them with you. If not please tell us that you need! And if you want a cheep hostel or hotel please tell us, too. (Costs: 6-Bett Zimmer für 15, 4-Bett Zimmer für 17, 2-Bett Zimmer für 20, 1-Bett Zimmer für 25 Euro -- per Person/night)

The VOICE Refugee Forum Jena
Address: Schillergässchen 5, 07745 Jena
Tel. Handy 0049(0) 17624568988 * Fax: 03641 / 42 02 70
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