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Opposition to police racism and abuse of power

Police abuse of power is built into the system that is designed to enforce capitalist relations of power and exploitation, they serve the powerful and protect the wealthy at the expense of the poor, the voiceless, the refugees and migrants while pretending to serve the general public.

But the authorities and the system protects and uses the racist cops to perpetuate racism!
The wide gap of silence which protects the "bad cops" and isolates or even criminalizes those who try to rescuee or protest against the police abuses must be discussed by the victims and those affected.

Media coverage tends to treat police racist controls even with assaults and intimidation, violence and physical brutality like yesterday's fish-wraps. The papers report such brutalities usually from the point of view of the police while ignoring the voices and accounts of the victims.
„Until the victims and those affected don’t have their own fronts, all other reports will always glorify the racist system of social exclusion“

Police racist control and brutality has become so normalized in this country deriving from one horror to another for which the responsible cops are never held accountable for their extra-legal actions. This leads the cops to exhibit an attitude of "beyond control". This attitude stems from the justification which the politicians and some sections of the media give to such police excesses after every atrocities. Most privilege embarrassed senior state officials, non-governmental organisations -NGOs and politicians would appeal for calm and advocate pathetic reforms that would change nothing. In no time, it would be back to business as usual and victims would be left on their own.

As the political and economic elite intensify their exploitation of migrants, refugees and the colonized people in the global economy and within Europe itself, the need for state repression, imprisonment, social exclusion and deportation becomes the guideline of police functions. The struggle against police racist controls and brutality must take these realities of refugee daily life into account.

We are calling on the refugee and migrant communities to initiate anti-repression struggle in their localities and act in unity with the less privileged refugees in their struggle against humiliating police racist controls. Let us strengthen grassroots groups, and move ahead to establish a stronger refugee and migrant network. Let us act in unity to challenge the state police racist control of refugees and migrants and all acts of repression.

What is needed is a strategy to develop community struggles and protest as well as self- determination of victims and those affected by police racist controls and brutality. In doing this, we must attempt to build a united and non-racial movement which is capable of articulating the grievances of refugees and migrants on a single front.


We will be proposing several points for action at the national level to deal with police abuses. We believe that such programs can unite diverse but progressive forces from different communities in a kind of concerted effort based on the principle of solidarity-that an attack on one is an attack on all. This approach will be a necessity to effectively deal with not only police brutality but all forms of repression as directed by the state. No single action, demonstration, or campaign is sufficient in itself to deal with this enormous problem. This means that a multitude of actions and approaches must be supported, coordinated, and combined so that our efforts reinforce each other to accomplish our goal. We must overcome sectarianism, organizational jealousy, and localism. All our best efforts are required.

Five border policemen had forced him into the plane. Aamir Aageeb was tied by his hands and feet, and was also forced to wear a motorcycle helmet. During the lift off, three border police pushed his upper body downwards. When they pulled him back up, Aamir Ageeb was dead.

We accept for the purpose of this campaign that the only "good" cop is the one who breaks the silence and blow the whistle on the perpetrators of racist control, police abuse and brutality. Otherwise, the official dichotomy between 'good cop' and 'bad cop' is simply a matter of fiction and hypothesis.
First, we must support and seek justice for the immediate victims of police abuse, brutality, and corruption. Also, we must build a network of resistance that embraces strong solidarity for the victims.
Among these are the victims of the Police brutality in Jena/Gera, Thuringen, the two Cameroonians: Constance Etchu and Cornelius Yufany . Among these are the refugee -asylum seekers Patterson Kenwou and Fopa George from Kamerun, John Adana from Sierra Leone who called the police for help after the Neo-nazi attacked them in Arnstadt (also in Thueringen)but the police arrived at the scene to support the nazi and continued to maltreat the refugees.
Also in Bremen a group of Nigerians were intimidated and brutalized by the police.
In Aschaffenburg Mareame Ndeye Sarr-Wegener, a 26-year-old Senegalese mother of two, was shot by the police. Her white German husband, unable to handle a mere domestic dispute with his wife, called the police. The woman was subsequently shot to death by police officers in Aschaffenburg.
A Sudanese Aamir Mohammed Ageeb during a forceful deportation from Frankfurt Airport was killed by BGS (Border Police) officials who tied his hands and feet, and was also forced to wear a motorcycle helmet. During the lift off, three border police pushed his upper body downwards. When they pulled him back up, Aamir Ageeb was dead.
In Düsseldorf a Nigerian was strangled to death by the police in Duesseldorf,
These cases of brutal torture and murder by the German Police reveal how savage the police could be and they deserve our support and solidarity.

The Police and political leaders responsible for these deaths and tortures deserve our energetic outrage. This same outrage must also be manifested in the cases of other victims of police racist control and brutality; Police brutaliy against a Ugandan in Fürth,a Togolese couple in Munchen, the drawned Cameroonian in the Hamburg sea and the two Togolese women Ms. RAMANOU Muyibatou and Ms. ALIETOU Zato who jumped from a high staircase out of fear of Police control in Hamburg and became paralized afterwards, the Nigerian John Achidi murdered in Hamburg, all of the many hundreds, indeed thousands of victims who suffer from police abuses, excesses and brutatlity every year.

We will appeal to committed human right lawyers and other legal personnel to challenge police abuses in the courts. It also demands community fund-raising efforts and other activities so that victims of police racist controls and their supporters will not be neglected or forgotten.

Furthermore, the challenge to organise a street-level capacity to monitor the police in order to obtain first hand information and witnesses of the daily police harassment and brutality of refugees and migrants must be developed. Closely linked here is the fact that it will be very vital to have personal and individual documentation on experiences of victims and witnesses.

These efforts must be coordinated on a national level when they expose evidence of brutality or abuse. In addition, we need community education about refugees and migrants rights vis-a-vis the police, so that refugees who are often the target of police hostility know their rights. Where such attempts are succeessfully made, efforts should be made to duplicate them in other areas/Cities.
In addition, we need to incorporate into our struggle against police abuse and brutality also people who are not directly victimized by the police, or who may consider the police as their protectors. In other words, German citizens who have supported police actions in the past. They must be educated about the true nature of policing in the German society. This is a fundamental aspect of breaking reactionary solidarity, of ending an identification crisis with and as the oppressor. We have to inform people about the relentless and systematic nature of police abuse and brutality particularly related to refugees and migrants.

In line with this coordination effort and in collaboration with other police-accountability activists and groups, an e-mail list, that circulates incidents of police misconduct around the country from local and mainstream media sources, should be developed. A systematic documentation combined with better grass root monitoring and reporting, would amass such incontrovertible evidences that even those who blind themselves to police abuse would be forced to see them and to act.

Finally, we must make every effort to evaluate the existing structures, on-going projects and campaigns including discussions, meetings and other events related to racist controls and police abuses. The differences in political cultures and ideologies that might obstruct these efforts must be overcome. Such a non-sectarian approach will be encouraged in order to give us a chance of success against the forces of reaction and state repression.

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If you have accounts of police abuses and brutality to share, or evidence of police racist control of migrants please communicate with The VOICE Refugee Forum in Jena. Schillergäschen 5, 07745 Jena,Tel. 0049 3641 665214, 0049 3614 420270. and for participation in the network please send e-mail:

Donations to: Osaren Igbinoba, Bank konto: 231633905, Bank Number: 86010090, Postbank Leipzig, code: Policeabuse

Meeting in Jena for the preperation of the campain against „racist police controls„ 21.3-23.3.2003