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Declaration of the four protesting Afghani refugees in Eisenberg

We want a human reception here – we refuse to be transferred to the camp in Breitenworbis

We’re not leading a war here, we’re remaining peaceful. Our single demand is: We don’t want to be located in Breitenworbis! That is not a transition camp, where we’d stay 1-2 months, but it’s a place where we would stay for un unknown time, in case of asylum rejection, we would have to stay 3, 4 or more years. There are no conditions for living a regular life.

We went through years of war. We never had silence, never had the chance for education, we never had any future. In Breitenworbis, we wouldn’t have language lessons and due to the location apart from living areas, we wouldn’t have any contact to the local population. Our desire to gain education, to have a future, would be denied to us.

We went through war with the Taliban, war with the USA and the NATO and it certainly won’t find an end in near future. If we didn’t have serious problems, we could be sent back immediately – but we have real problems! We were forced to escape under deadly dangers and also faced huge dangers on our way here.

But now, the isolation of Breitenworbis is expecting us. After the first view, we knew we could not stay there. The situation is not only half tolerable, it’s simply a catastrophe. When we met the different people there, among them some Afghans, we observed, that they are all mentally broken. The refugees live with permanent fear of deportation or with misled attempts of being deported, which grinded them down emotionally.

If Germany does not want us, it should provide us means how to travel further. There is no justice here. Where are the human rights? We already know this type of situation, but we didn’t expect to find it here, too.

We don’t demand much, we just want to be accommodated in a place with human conditions.

Jalil Amiri
Samir Al-Molk
Basir Ghafari
Aref Mozafari

Eisenberg, April 4th, 2012