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We protest against the German Police Murder of a Nigerian woman in the Frankfurt Job Center - Why was Christy Schwundeck Killed?

Demonstration on Saturday, 2nd June 2012 at 13pm (Hauptbahnhof Frankfurt am main)
We Look Forward to your Participation!

We still Demand : Investigations and Justice!

On the 19th May 2011 Christy Schwundeck, a Black Woman from Nigeria, was Shot by a Policewoman inside the Jobcenter Gallus. At a Press Conference a few hours after the incident, The Public Prosecutor of Frankfurt alleged that it was clearly a case of self-defense as Christy Schwundeck had attacked the Policewoman with a Knife. The echo in the Press portrayed her as an aggressive rioting person. But today we know, that it could never have been in self-defense, because Christy Schwundeck was shot in the presence of another Police officer and at least one Social worker, by a Policewoman who stood merely at the entrance and as such could not be immediately threatened by Christy.
Early this Year, Judicial inquiries against the Policewoman were suspended. A year after Christy`s death, her Family and the Public still has no idea about the circumstances that led to her being Shot!

In Consideration of the many unanswered questions and absurdities, we are astonished and furious at the same time!

WE ASK: Why should we accept, that the Police shoots a Black Woman from Nigeria, without facing judicial consequences? How could it be, that the Proceedings have been suspended based on ,,Self-defense” even though the Policeman and other Witnesses involved could not confirm this allegation ? How could it be, that 2 Police Officers are not capable of disarming Christy Schwundeck or to de-escalate the situation?
WE ASK: Should we accept again, the fact that the Killing of a Black person remains unresolved? Who is next? We also remind of other Victims of Police Violence, whose Deaths have never been resolved: Mariame N`Deye Sarr, Dominique Koumadio and Oury Jalloh.

WE DEMAND: The immediate reopening of investigations against the Policewoman. The Appointment of an Independent Investigations Committee, Reconstruction of events on the 19.05.2011 and Public proceedings. Justice for Christy Schwundeck, and all the other victims of Racist Police violence. The Immediate Stop of Attacks aimed at The Black Community!

Demonstration on Saturday, 2nd June 2012 at 13pm (Hauptbahnhof Frankfurt am main)
We Look Forward to your Participation!

In Gedenken an Christy Orordion Schwundeck

In Gedenken an Christy Orordion Schwundeck versammelten sich Mitglieder der Initiative Christy Schwundeck, THE VOICE Refugee Forum und der KARAWANE vor dem jobcenter in der Mainzer Landtstrasse in Frankfurt am Main. Die Demo für eine Aufklärung der Todesumstände ist für den 2. Juni 2012 geplant. Mehr auf:

Im Gedenken an Christy Schwundeck

Frankfurt: Demonstration am 2.Juni! Aufklärung, immernoch!
Christy Schwundeck ist nun schon seit einem Jahr tot und immer noch wissen wir nicht, wie es zu ihrer Tötung kam. Trotzdem wurde nun das Ermittlungsverfahren gegen die schießende Polizistin eingestellt! Sollen wir also wieder akzeptieren, dass der Tod einer Schwarzen Person nicht aufgeklärt wird? Dürfen Polizisten in diesem Land einfach Menschen töten ohne dafür zur Verantwortung gezogen zu werden? Wir trauern um Christy, sind aber auch wütend und werden am 2.Juni für die Wiederaufnahme der Ermittlungen demonstrieren! Wir fordern euch alle auf, mit uns für Gerechtigkeit und Aufklärung auf die Straße zu gehen! Für Christy Schwundeck und alle die anderen Opfer rassistischer Polizeigewalt! 2.Juni, 13°° Hauptbahnhof