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Stop Racist Control – Control the Police: Break Isolation Press Release in Erfurt

Press Release Break Isolation Camp
Erfurt, 31.08.2012

Stop Racist Control – Control the Police

Since 23.09.2012 is the Break Isolation Refugee Summer Camp taking place in Erfurt. The VOICE Refugee Forum and The Caravan have called for this 10 days meeting together with Refugee Communities to exchange and secure our natural rights.

To open this self organised Refugee Camp, a protest action was organised at the Police Station near the main Train station to send a sharp signal against the daily Racist Police control and mke it clear that we wouldnt tolerate any form of repressive harrasment and criminalisation.

Refugees in Isolation lagers like in Greiz or Breitworbis are being humiliated and discouraged from this forced long residence in such places that leads to psychological and Physical destructionof the Victims. The imposition of Restriction to Movement (Residenzplicht) as central apartheid law for Asylum seekers should alone penalise the refugees` attempt to escape this unbearable situation.

After a preparatory meeting for the camp some weeks ago, some Police officers had controlled and arrested one of our comrades. The strong solidarity ( immidiate biulding of a protest tent in front of the police Station to control the controll organ) led to the release of our friend on the next morning.

The first days of the ongoing Break Isolation Camp went on without big disturbance or provocation from the controlling body of the State – even when the private premises of our meeting was „naturally“ „checked up“ with Helicopters and the surrounding area closely monitored by Police. Racially motivated attempt to control at the Erfurt main Station could be hindered through the determined intervention of the Victims in single cases.

After our visit to the refugees in the Breitenworbis Isolation Lager with a documentation Team of 20 persons who gathered some schocking information on the living conditions alongside the behaviour of the responsible authorities and assured them support for a change in their unworthily situation through a solidarity action on the next day, an activist of our network as controlled that evening and threatened with imprisonment without legal basis. – As the police Police officers relegated his physical presence for the next 3 days in attempt to provoked the self-organized security checkpoint at the private entrance of the camp in an arrogant and egomaniac way. This attempt of threat was brought to nothing by the thoughtful appearance of our activist.

Should there be additional racist assaults coming from the state organs during the camp, we will react accordingly in that regard. If they are aimed at distracting the accomplishment of our summer camp, to intimidate the participants of our actions and to torpedieren our work to improve the socialtal conditions , we would react to this provocations and change our programm accordingly.

Those who in the name of state control functions in pretence for democracy and civilisation expends lots of energy and tax money, with a friendly smile to pull people down to the dust.
Its enough ! Our vision of a just and free society, our solidarity and practice of true, not-corruptible relations reveals the racist visage in disguise.

They will not break our solidarity of resistance against the state organized unequal treatment of people – We will use appropriate actions to expose this practices of obstracting political opinios of Migrants and Refugees and control those who believe they can control us without having any resistance!

It is very crucial for us to continue our self-organised education and action program for a more progressive social development without disturbance until the end of the camp. But when it becomes necessary, we will build up our tents at the location of the controls and continue our program there. Eventually, it will be up to them to stop this racist legislation and their habit of control.

„Our physical presence guarantees our dignity“ Osaren Igbinoba – The VOICE Refugee Forum

Break Isolation Movement - The VOICE Refugee Forum and Karawane for the Rights of Refugees and Migrants

Break Isolation Action in Erfurt Hbf: Fight Racism – Stop the Police Racist Control!!