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Break Isolation Conference and Solidarity Act 2013 - Input by The VOICE Refugee Forum

*April 2013 in 7 regions of Germany*
Break Isolation Conference and Solidarity Act
Workshops, Conferences and Discussions with Break Isolation Campaign Network and Refugee Tribunal platform activists

Deutsch: Break Isolation Konferenz und Solidarity Act 2013 - Input von The VOICE Refugee Forum

Die Karawane für die Rechte der Flüchtlinge und MigrantInnen

Break Isolation Conference and Solidarity Act April 2013
Input by The VOICE Refugee Forum

Our dear activists and comrades,

We, The VOICE Refugee Forum, want to inform you about our plans and invite you to the preparatory initiatives for the „Break Isolation Conference and Solidarity Act!“ which is planned to take place in seven regions in Germany in April 2013

The daily situation of hundreds of thousands of people as refugees or migrants is precariously unsecured with their lack of basic rights to co-existence by the discriminative and isolation policies of the racist authorities here in Germany.

As predicted the death traps of the Frontex border regimes and the war on refugees and migrants within and outside the European territories still remain in the continuation of their collective punishments to promote the racist ideology of supremacy by colonial control which is also found in the injustice of isolation lager residency that categorise us in our exclusion as refugees, asylum seekers or migrants and as unwanted human beings.

Our fight against our criminalisation as refugees begins from the date of the forced finger printing as asylum seekers or refugee applicants in the lagers. - As millions of refugees are criminally held “hostage” all around the world and in Europe without freedom of movement and without the possibility to escape from the isolation lagers in refugee camps of Europe we fight to reclaim our privacy and the dignity to live freely here than rather living with the trauma of years and decades in exclusion.

It is unforgivable to ignore the deaths caused by the bloodily managed policies of the European borders regimes in silence, where thousands of refugees and migrants are neglected or trapped at sea while even those who could survive all the risks are not guaranteed the basic rights to existence without being restricted in their freedom of movement, without being restricted to isolation lagers, to joblessness and without being forced to live the continuous trauma of deportation in continuous isolation and exclusion in Germany.

“Article 1 of the German Constitution, states that: (1) “Human dignity shall be inviolable.
To respect and protect it shall be the duty of all state authority.” and (2) “The German people therefore acknowledge inviolable and inalienable human rights as the basis of every community, of peace and of justice in the world.” In clear contravention of this provision, racist control apparatuses in Germany trample upon the dignity of refugees on a daily basis.” (The VOICE Refugee Forum Testimony in the Manila Tribunal 28. - 29.November 2012 by Rex Osa.)

Twenty years after the biggest catastrophe of the asylum abolition in 1993 that lead to the “Law and order to execute our deportation before they know our names” Germany is another enemy country of the refugees? No! We do not accept it, not in our time!

The struggle of decades coupled with recent protest march by the refugee community for our basic demands to end Residenzpflicht, to close down the lagers and for deportation stop have advanced the struggles of the refugees in the various regions of Germany and beyond in Europe.

Together with the Break Isolation Network which was initiated to highlight on breaking the isolation of refugees after the Caravan Festival in Jena in 2010 many activists of regional and nationwide initiatives of refugee communities have actively participated to break the isolation before the Refugee Summer Camp 2012 in Erfurt, to strengthen the unity of refugees against colonial injustice and to support the Refugee Protest March in 2012 with the participation of anti-racist networks in Germany, as well as non-refugees and people from various countries and continents of the world.

The events of the "Break Isolation -Conference and Solidarity Act!" 2013 will be coordinated in the frame work of the Platform of the Refugee Tribunal against the Federal Republic of Germany that will take place in Berlin from 13th to 16th of June 2013.

According to the transparent solidarity slogan of the Caravan for the rights of refugees and migrants: “We are here because you destroy our land” all sides and different points of view should be given a hearing in this process to ride over the fears to keep the border regimes under control and to expose the ideology of that dominant culture of colonial injustice in the World Order of global apartheid and oppression of the people of the world.

During the events in April:

Refugee activists and asylum seekers with migrants and activists will be invited for the discussions on their campaigns and regional protests.

We will be presenting the political inputs and discussions from the nationwide preparatory meetings and the refugee appeals for the Refugee Tribunal in Berlin.

Activists from the refugee and migrants communities have already confirmed that they will be participating at the conference. We hope to promote further analysis on the continuous war against refugees or migrants, the planned opposition and confrontation against it.

We want to analyse and illuminate on the different aspects of the present human rights situation and the undemocratic process of de-legitimating the rights to asylum and the rights of refugees to migration in Germany.

There will also be declarations of the communities for the tribunal in June to empower the resources of our struggles for justice and for our basic rights, including the challenge to open exchange in the political network of refugee community or groups in the movements and lagers.

There will be information planning and workshops on refugee struggles for justice and basic rights and on actual campaigns like the Roma struggles, the campaigns on racial profiling and racism, on Dublin II to III, the Stop Deportation!-campaigns, on Close all Refugee Lagers!-campaigns, the campaigns against deportation prisons, isolation lagers and EU-Frontex, the struggles for freedom of movement and against police brutality, controls and residenzpflicht, the campaigns against embassy hearings and against colonial injustice and information campaigns on the political situation in the refugees' countries. Other related campaigns can be recommended.

We have information materials on various topics on our struggles against racism, discrimination, police brutality and control, war against refugees and migration control, of the Caravan tour 1998 with the slogan „We are here because you destroy our countries“, of the Caravan Festival 2010 Jena „Unite Against Colonial Injustice“ and the „Break Isolation Refugee Summer Camp 2012 ¨C Strengthening the refugee struggles against colonial injustice“ and Residenzpflicht documentary film. Our information material in films, video, audio and online is available for support to the regional events, discussions and mobilisation.

Break Isolation Strike - Refugees Liberation Bus Tour
Close down the Refugee lagers and the Deportation Prisons
The Tour is planned through Lagers and Deportation Prisons in Baden-Württemberg and Schwaben Bayern from 26th of April in Karlsruhe

Break Isolation Conference and Solidarity Act 2013
*April 2013 in 7 Regionen Deutschlands – Göttingen 08-09.04., Essen - NRW 09.04., Berlin and Prenzlau 08-13.04., Frankfurt 10-11.04. (Kundgebung im Containerlager Oberursel 11.04.), Hamburg 13.04., Bielefeld 16.04., Trier 20.40 Jena / Thueringen , 22-26.04.

We would like to use this opportunity to invite groups from other towns or cities and regions to inform us of their interest to join and act in solidarity with the continuation of the refugee protest in their regions, to strengthen the refugee tribunal platform, to unite against colonial injustice in Germany and against the EU-Frontex.

We appeal to groups or initiatives interested to join the Break Isolation Conference. We urge you to listen to us and spread our demands to end the war on refugees and migrants. The Break Isolation Conference will be a political resource for groups and individuals who are interested to be active in the Break Isolation Network, or for anyone wanting to get involved where they live to act in solidarity.

The Revolution does not need help or helpers! - We are not waiting for it, we need ourselves, we just have to act together now! It is the revolution of our lifetime without compromise to the racist laws and the racial injustices as we achieve to expose the injustice of the system. We support all that it takes to continue the solidarity, the mobilisation and organisation with the repressed communities to reclaim their dignity.

Close down the lagers!

Our Testimony is written to keep the authorities under control by our protest!

We want to continue our protest and organize against the isolation of refugees!

We are also inviting you to participate in the refugee tribunal platform in solidarity of the oppressed to liberate themselves from the isolation and oppression here.

The events and program of the conferences will be directly coordinated in the network for the political interventions or contents with cultural initiatives.

For more information and advice on how to get involved or if you have any contribution, please contact:

Make Donation to: Sparkasse Göttingen; Kontonummer 127829; BLZ: 260 500 01;
BAN: DE97 2605 0001 0000 1278 29, BIC: NOLADE21GOE

On the move

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