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1. - 5.Oct. in Jena: Agenda and Program of the Anniversary of the 20 years The VOICE Refugee Forum

20 Years: The VOICE Refugee Forum 1994-2014
"Our Community is our defence - Resistance is refugee identity"

Once again, we shall reflect on the refugee right to freedom of movement and settlement as well as the importance of continued self-organization of refugees by focusing on identifying and defining criminalization through persecution: Main emphasis will be laid on the analysis of deportations as a crime and the atrocity of deportation prisons.

The Call:
20yrs.The VOICE Refugee Forum:
Faltblatt - Flyers in English / Deutsch / French / Arabic
The Refugee: Base on Our History of The VOICE Refugee Forum Network 1994 to 2014

Program: Unite Against Deportation and Social Exclusion from Wednesday 1st
till Sunday 5th of October 2014 in Jena

Demonstrations and Rallies:
Wednesday, 01.10.14: Rally in front of Refugee Reception Camp in Eisenberg
- 14:00 hours: Departure for Refugee Reception Camp in Eisenberg
- 15:00 hours: Rally begins in front of the Reception Ramp
Saturday, 04.10.14 at Demonstration in Jena City
- 14:00 hours start at Faulloch (till 17:00 hours)
- 18.00 hours: Reclaim your power! Picnic at abolished Isolation Camp in Jena Forest
Sunday, 05.10.14, Rally in Breitenworbis:
- Departure 11:00 hours by bus (Johannisplatz) / 11:39 hours train from Jena/West (Track 1, Direction Göttingen – get off in Leinefelde 13:17h)
- 14.00 hours: Rally begins in the Refugee Camp

General Program:

Wednesday, 1st of October

Time: - 8.00 - 9:00 hours: Arrival and Breakfast in Faulloch, Haus auf der Mauer, Johannistor Jena.
- 10.00 hours: Preparatory Meeting,
- 12.30 hours: Lunch,
- 13.30 hours: Bus Station Jena
- 14.00 hours: Arrival in Eisenberg
- 15.00 – 17:00 hours: Rally in Front of The Refugee Reception Camp in Eisenach
- 18.00 hours: Food for Dinner in Wagner Café Jena
- 19.00 hours: with Discussions on The 20years.The VOICE Refugee Forum in Thueringen - 21.00 hours: Last Ring introduction – Slavery is the last Ring of the Slavery Chain
- 21.30 hours: “Hurria! Theater for Revolution & Freedom of Movement
- 22.00 Uhr: [hip hop, rap, zeckenrap, beats:]

From Thursday till Sunday there will be preparatory Meetings on Agenda and Programs every day in the mornings from 9.00hours – 10.00hours in Foulloch

Thursday, 2nd of October

10.00 hours: Conference on our history in the refugee struggles of The VOICE Refugee Forum in 20years - (campaigns and topics)
12.30 hours: Food for Lunch
14.00 hours: Reports from refugee and migrant’s forum
15.00 hours: Last ring presentation on Identification and defining the crimes of persecutions, atrocities against and abuses of Human rights by deportation, testimonies of refugee community activists on their struggles.
16.00 – 18:00 hours: Discussions on Unity of Resistance – “Refugee Community Solidarity instead of Hierarchy” –
18.00 hours: Dinner
19.00 hours: How our struggles support to eliminate and liberate the German society from persecution
20.00 hours: - Songs and music of Liberation: Our community is our defense and the resistance! Groups of African Percussions and Afro beat, Raga Reggae, Hip Hop with Djs from Hamburg.

Friday, 3rd of October

10.00 hours: Critical Solidarity Space: Self- reflection and criticism in the Refugee Movement in Germany and Beyond (Discussions on the developments in the struggles and resistance of refugees toward the realization of refugee community agenda and mobility in Germany.)
12.30 hours: Food for Lunch
14.00 hours: Reclaim your power! “20 years is not Enough” Workshops-different topics running parallel on which way forward.
16.00 hours: Mechanism of Neo Colonialism - We are here because Europe destroys, exploits and corrupts the refugee countries: NATO warfare and the silent war by daily persecution of Refugees
18.00 hours: Dinner
19.00 hours: General plenary
20.00 hours: Anniversary Ceremony with Concerts and Theatre

Saturday, 4th of October

10.00 hours: Reports on Refugee International Tribunal against German Human rights abuses in 2013
11.00 hours: The DETERRENCE: Eliminate the deportation and Break down the deportation Prisons - the way forward for a Nation-wide action plan on “Unity against Deportation and Social Exclusion in Germany”.

14.00 hours: Starts Demonstration and Rally in Jena,
18.00 hours: Break Isolation Picnic and Dinner in the abolished former Isolated Refugee Reception Camp in Jena Forest - make fire with cultural event.
21.00 hours: Evening Musical jam/Party in different parts of the City

Sunday, 5th of October

10.00 hours: Break Isolation Assembly
11.39 hours: Departure from the train station in Jena to the Rally in Breitenworbis Isolation Refugee Camp: Close the Isolation Lager (Mühlhäuser Strasse 35)
Departure by bus from Johannistor at 11am (as to pick arriving train travelers from leinefelde)
Evening end: 18.00 hour

On the Move!
Fight Back - Against racism and discrimination!
We want another Germany and beyond without persecution!

20years. The VOICE Refugee Forum,