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Global protest against the inhumane killing of Osamuyiwa Aikpitanhi

Osamuyiwa Aikpitanhi Protest - Updates
Nigerians arose in all corners of the earth on Friday June 29th to deliver a protest note to Spanish Authorities over the inhumane killing of Osamuyiwa. Letters were delivered in Sweden, Spain, Austria, Germany, Ireland, Nigeria, UK, Hungary, Canada, Switzerland, Brazil and the USA
Concerned Nigerians Worldwide

Special Protest Note to Spanish Authorities
Interview with Eye Witness Mr Lanre Obafemiin Nigeria">">
Nigerian, Murdered by Spain, Does Anyone Care?

Dear all!

Information on the killing of Osamuyiwa Aikpitanhi during a forced deportation from Spain to Nigeria was already sent to the e-mail lists. During the last weeks, something happened.

The Nigeria Village Square, a virtual village square for Nigerians and Friends of Nigeria all over the world, published a Protest Note to Spanish Authorities, which is signed by more then 3.000 people until now.

They write on their webpage:

"Protest Note will be delivered to Spanish embassies around the globe at NOON on FRIDAY June 29th We have volunteers in Cyprus, Sweden, Dublin, Ireland; Cairo, Egypt; Istanbul Turkey; Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso; Germany; Switzerland; Ottawa Canada; South Africa; Brazil; Paris France; Spain; Italy; Nigeria; UK; USA., Shanghai China; Vienna Austria; Dakar, Senegal, Malaysia, and more Do you want to coordinate your city? PM Admin"

There is a call to "Participate in the protest to Spanish authorities on the inhumane killing of Osamuyiwa Aikpitanhi" It's not so much time left until friday, but if u like to participate in this action, it would be nice:

One of the coordinators wrote in an email: "We will be extremely delighted if your members could help deliver the letter in Vienna and in other European countries."

I asked about the updates on the actions told that i can send the information to other people in europe (this list). The answer: "Please let me know in which other countries your members are, so we can coordinate with you. We will also need your help in getting media coverage all across Europe and beyond."

If u like to participate in this coordinated action, please contact

Sign the letter of protest!,com_philaform/Itemi...

And it would be nice if you can help with the media coverage.

More information on the killing of Osamuyiwa Aikpitanhi:
(german and (espanol)
Constant updates on the coordination of the protest:

Greetings from Vienna

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Nigerian, Murdered by Spain, Does Anyone Care?
Speech of a North African Refugee at the Anti-G8 Pre-demonstration rallye on June 2, 2007 in Rostock
To the Spanish (European) society: Appeal from from a deportee!
Erzählung und Erfahrungen des aus Spanien abgeschobenen Flüchtlings Michel Bashige


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