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Appeal Letter of The VOICE Refugee Forum on the Court hearing of James Imudia OGBOMO's Refugee Asylum Application Process in Gera

Foto: James Imudia OGBOMO

Appeal Letter of The VOICE Refugee Forum on the Court hearing of James Imudia OGBOMO's Refugee Asylum Application Process in Gera, on the 06.07.2020 in Germany.

The VOICE Refugee Forum
Tel.: 0049 (0)176 24568988

5th July, 2020

Verwaltungsgericht Gera
Rudolf-Diener-Str. 1
07545 Gera

Ihre Zeichen/ Ihre Nachricht:
7294673 - 232

Re-James Imudia OGBOMO, DoB: 17.07.1983 vs the Federal Republic of Germany

Ladies and gentlemen, dear Dr. Fuchs, dear Chief Judge,

Our attention has been drawn to the case of the above-named individual currently pending your adjudication.

We, The VOICE Refugee Forum are writing to you to support his application for refuge, safety and security in Germany. We have known Mr. Ogbomo since the last couple of years and his difficult personal and health situation.

As you may be aware, The VOICE Refugee Forum is the foremost refugee self-organization in Thuringen and the oldest self-organized refugee group in Germany. Our history and long tradition of consistently advocating for the rights of refugees has earned us unparalleled credibility and trust with refugees who come in contact with us which in turn, enables us to be more acquainted with some of the deepest problems that many of these refugees encounter.

It is against this background that we have become very familiar with the health situation of Mr. Ogbomo. Since his initial contact with us, it was clear that he needed group and social support in addition to professional medical treatment to minimize the risk of self-harm and potential suicide risk arising from his flight experiences. We have therefore tried to provide this social support by engaging and involving him in our activities where possible to help him process his flight experiences. As his medical report clearly shows, he is on high dosage of very strong medications and yet, these risks are still there and would be heightened with the further threat of deportation.

We are therefore firmly convinced that the court would be serving justice and humanity by finally granting Mr Ogbomo the right to settlement and residency as a way to rebuild his life in dignity with the assurance of safety and security in Germany.

Contact to James Imudia OGBOMO
Tel. 0049 15218152765
Rudolstadt, Thueringen

The VOICE Refugee Forum
Tel.: 0176 24568988

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Updated in Deutsch:
Appellbrief an das Verwaltungsgericht Gera (Deutschland) für James Imudia OGBOMO anlässlich der Verhandlung im Asylverfahren am 6.7.2020

In der Verwaltungsstreitsache James Imudia OGBOMO, geb. am 17.07.1983 gegen die Bundesrepublik Deutschland
Direktor: Prof. Dr. M. Walter, Universitätsklinikum Jena
Klinik für Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie